Gambia: Breaking News: Ousainou Darbo And Co Pictured And Videotaped In Court!


The Gambia is no doubt the North Korea of West Africa. Information has been controlled by the Jammeh dictatorship, leaving citizens to live in perpetual darkness. Our sources on the ground were able to infiltrate the Jammeh controlled judiciary, including the security forces by secretly photographing the UDP leader and his co accused persons in court. We were also able to videotape Ousainou Darboe while prison guards, and armed security officers were standing close to him in the courthouse. This is a major scoop against the Jammeh dictatorship.


In as much as Yahya Jammeh wants to direct the verdict of this politically motivated case, our sources on the ground are closely monitoring the situation. Jammeh’s attempts to defeat justice would be exposed. We are closely following the trial of Darboe and co.

In the first place, it is intimidating to have armed guards brandishing their weapons in an open court. There is also high NIA presence in court. The whole goal is to intimidate the court and the opposition.

The judge presiding over the case exchanged notes with Yahya Jammeh. The Director of Pubic Prosecution and AG Mama Singhateh are all on Jammeh’s payroll. This case will not receive the justice it deserves.

The dumb ass DPP Bakum quoted the “Black law dictionary” in one of the court sittings to justify his argument—forgetting that the Jammeh toilet paper constitution supersedes the black law dictionary he invoked. The likes of Bakum are legal novice. It is only in The Gambia,that we can have such an empty barrel as DPP.

Taking a closer look at these pictures, it is evident that Ousainou Darboe and his co accused persons are not been properly taken care of in prison. This is evident on their hair. No hair shave, balanced diet, clean dress, perfume, and so on. This is how Yahya Jammeh treats inmates who should be presumed innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law.  The accused persons appeared weak and pale. They are somehow malnourished.

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