Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh Postpones His Thursday Tour To Monday; As He Arrives In Banjul, Students To Join Protesters!


Yahya Jammeh’s convoy has just arrived in Banjul from Kanilai. The dictator himself was on board the convoy. Jammeh is very panic stricken at this hour, according to his closest aides. He hardly stays at one place. He has been shuttling between Kanilai and Banjul, since the commencement of the opposition uprising.

It was reported on this very medium that Jammeh, was due to leave Banjul on Thursday, to tour the country, in an attempt to test the political waters. The dictator has changed his mind! He has just communicated to his most “trusted security aides” that Thursday is not a feasible day for him to tour the country. Jammeh has now postponed the proposed tour to Monday, according to his aides.

Jammeh is yet to reconcile with the fact that the UDP is bold enough to take onto his dictatorship. He has since been rendered mentally and emotionally disabled. That we can report with certainty.

We have just received information that the students are also bracing up to reinforce the opposition in the ongoing protest marches taking place in the country. Students in the Greater Banjul Area, especially those attending school in the Capital City Banjul have been meeting and networking.

The opposition will soon have the students on their side. Students attending The Gambia High School, and ST. Augustin hardly attend class nowadays. They are also concerned about what’s happening around their backyard.

Meanwhile, our roofing informant visited the schools in the KMC area on Wednesday and overheard the students saying that they are going to join the opposition on Monday during the protest. The students said it’s not in their interest to have Jammeh as the leader of the country. They complained about lack of food, books, chairs, table, transportation, and so on.

A headmaster name withheld was overheard calming the students. He advised the students to stay in class come on Monday. But the students remained adamant.

An top NIA official working at the Agency’s Headquarters in Banjul, has told the Freedom Newspaper that some of latest batch of the arrested opposition supporters were tortured. The NIA agent said the fear culture has disappeared in the country. He added that despite the frequent arrest and torture of the detainees, the opposition has been very consistent in challenging Jammeh to step down.


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