Gambia: Mr. Sam Sarr, it is too late to do damage control


Mr. Sam Sarr, it is too late to do damage control: You advocated for killing of Gambians in your capacity as a Gambian Diplomat to the United Nations.

My great Friend Pa Nderry, I could not stop laughing when I read Mr. Sarr rebuttal of his position on killing of innocent protesters in Banjul. Going by the contents of that recording on social media, it does not matter whether the recording took 2 hours or whether his 12 seconds pronouncement about open firing on innocent Gambians was misquoted. Mr. Sarr was heard loud and clear saying that “If I were there and I was in charge, I Will fucking open fire to anybody” (Ngum, E. 2016, May 9).

 Mr Sarr said and I quote “I am not crazy with all my military training from across the world to advocate the shooting of peaceful demonstrators under any given circumstance for that matter. I have broadly studied military law, the rules of engagements and fully understand the implications of the Geneva Convention” (Sarr, S. 2016, May 10).

I beg to disagree with Mr. Sarr. I do not think he has the slightest understanding of the Geneva Convention. What Convention is he talking about? The Geneva Convention on what? The Gambia is not at war Mr. Sarr. There are just sporadic peaceful demonstrations so if you said it is ok to kill those people then tell me what you meant by the “implications of the Geneva Convention”. You have not helped the Jammeh Government at all with those statements.  I think he should recall you and let me see whether you will go back to the Gambia or stay in the U.S and write another book of lies about him.

This is not the time to do damage control, Mr. Sarr.  You have opened your mouth on social media and approve killing of your own people by illegal means. You said and I quote “But my position was clear and will never change in that if I am in charge of any military or police operation in a country where a bunch of useless thugs are paid and released in the streets to render the society ungovernable without their consideration of how many people could lose their lives in the process, using deadly force will not be ruled out in my master plan” (Sarr, S. 2016, May 10). Folk, this is the same man that was labelled by Yahya Jammeh as “world’s greatest liar” on National TV.  Mr. Sarr, the United Nations should declare you a persona non grata and send you back to the Gambia because you are a disgrace to the ideals of good governance and rule of law.

Of course Mr. Sarr, in any popular uprising against a dictatorship, people are expected to die because they take the ultimate sacrifice of liberating the people from tyranny. This does not make them a “bunch of useless thugs” as you said. You saw what happened in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen etc. Lives were lost but dictatorship ended. Now if you can actually support open firing in a crowd of peaceful protesters and you tell us you have rested your case, then you are equally a killer as Yahya Jammeh.

Above all you said “But, hey, the con artist is always a con artist and this is one con artist on steroid” (Sarr, S. 2016, May 10). My brother you are totally lost. The guy was on sound mind when he interviewed you in your office. You granted him an interview and how could you say he was on steroids? What he put on social media was the piece that the world needed to hear. There is no taking of steroids in this case. You blundered in your capacity as a diplomat and legitimize the killing of Gambian people by Yahya Jammeh’s forces so your case cannot be rested. I believe you are more of functional illiterate who should have been relegated to the fields of Kanilai to farm rice for Yahya Jammeh rather than coming to the U.N as a Deputy Representative.


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Written By: Ebou Ngum. Everett Washington.


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