Gambia: A Conversation with Sam Sarr


Sam: Dear readers, I was not going to dignify the perpetrator of this recording circulating on social media but after a second thought, I found it somewhat obligatory to make a short comment about it.

Me: Sam, when you are caught with your pants down to your ankles in public, you are obligated to make a comment because it is not normal behavior anywhere. Even if that comment is “oops, OMG!” You are the perpetrator here. So yes, you had no choice but to explain.

Sam: I am not crazy with all my military training from across the world to advocate the shooting of peaceful demonstrators under any given circumstance for that matter. I have broadly studied military law, the rules of engagements and fully understand the implications of the Geneva Convention.

Me: Sam, you are here articulating your military training from across the world, but by your own admission, you tremble when you hear gunshots and have shot yourself in the leg. So please give us a break with the talk of military training. You claim to broadly study military law and fully understand the implications of the Geneva Convention, but that’s not reflected in your verbal assault we heard on the tape. You clearly said that the initiators of the peaceful protest deserve to lose their lives and “you” would “fu*king” shoot them if you were there and in charge. These are the rules of engagement you broadly studied? So much for your understanding of the rules.

Sam: I wouldn’t in my wildest dream think that an intelligent person in this country will embark on the illegal activity of secretly recording a conversation with anyone without that person’s permission, given the stiff penalties laid by the laws for such banditry. That means, the conman was either unaware of the existing laws in New York City in particular or had simply taken the risk with the hope that I will challenge him in the courts and provide him with the cheap popularity he is seeking or perhaps the fast money he could gain from extorting his sympathizers.

Me: Sam, how can you talk about law when you want to “fu*king” shoot peaceful protestors? You are here representing a dictator who is violating the human rights of Gambian’s on a daily basis and have the audacity to talk about law? You represent and defend lawlessness. How convenient!

Sam: I do not only view him as a coward and a conman for the unauthorized recording he did but in addition to not letting me know that he was going to share it on social media, he doctored the entire two hours recording into a twelve-seconds sound bite to make everything looked like that was all we had talked about.

Me: Sam, if the “coward” had informed you that the unauthorized recording was going to be shared on social media, what would you have done? Isn’t the whole purpose of the “unauthorized” recording for you not to know? So why then would he tell you? And it doesn’t matter if the recording is 2 weeks long or 5 seconds long. The fact that you said that the peaceful demonstrators deserve to lose their lives and you would “fucking” shoot them does not change. Yakor Wakh!

Sam: Well before the segment of the 12 seconds recording which I know he meticulously changed, I had already challenged the fellow on his evidence of his certainty that Solo Sandeng the UDP youth leader who organized the so-called peaceful demonstration was actually killed as he was strongly convinced of it before walking into the Mission. With nothing to show for that claim other than what he was hearing from the streets and social media, he changed the subject to why the demonstrators were manhandled for “peacefully demanding electoral reform”. That’s where I gave him my piece of mind about what I know about the “so-called peaceful demonstration” which in the past six months or so was the main subject of propaganda and fundraising among the anti-Gambia government dissidents in the USA and Europe.

Me: Sam, the only defense you seem to have here regarding your 12 seconds bluff is that you also did challenged the fellow on his certainty that Solo Sandeng was killed. How does that relate to or justify you “fu*cking” shooting peaceful protestors if you were in charge? Oh, I see, that was your piece of mind you gave the fellow. And in case you are not aware, the burden of prove is on your government to prove that Solo Sandeng is alive, not the other way around. They were recorded on video arresting him and have yet to charge or produce him. Please don’t talk about anti-government dissidents in the USA and Europe, Ebou Colley.

Sam: Indeed, most of us were expecting some gullible fellows to fall for the incessant propaganda that I wrote about and published in series on the and Gambia websites advising the potential mercenaries not to bite the bait and suffer the consequence. That the APRC government was indeed overwhelmingly voted into office by 72% margin of the population with the party’s popularity since 2011 growing exponentially.

Me: Sam, you can write in series and publish all you want, but that doesn’t change your dishonesty and lies. It is glaring in everything you write. You should do yourself a favor and stop writing! You incriminate and further embarrass yourself every time you do. Your lies don’t hold your pieces very well, they are full of cracks.

Sam: But then I am afraid on April 14, 2016, Solo Sandeng and his group of sponsored thugs swallowed the whole bait together with the line.

Me: Sam, peaceful demonstrators are now considered “thugs”? Where and by who? Are you into victim blaming?

Sam: I cannot boast about my linguistic skills in spoken Mandingo, but I can definitively say that I have a perfect understanding of every word spoken in the language. Hence, from the video footage circulating on line about the so-called demonstration on April 14, led by Solo Sandeng, there was nothing he said that suggested anything like demanding for electoral reform in the Gambia. That desperate excuse was a last resort of justification after the ultimate UPRISING failed dolefully. Solo for all I heard him saying in the video footage was his aggressive demand for a change of the government, period.

Me: Sam, what does you not being able to speak Mandingo have to do with anything? Solo Sandeng had a sign that clearly said “we want electoral reform”. Also, are you telling us that Solo Sandeng does not have the right to demand for a change of government regardless? Sam, you should listen to yourself more.

Sam: Although the fellow argued that he wasn’t following any of such campaign online in the past-big liar-I went on to tell him about the magnitude of the security threat the hooligans had posed to the peace and security of the country in their demand to change the regime in the manner they wanted to do it.

Me: Sam, you are not allowed to called anyone “big liar” after your boss (Jammeh) named you “Liar of the Century”. You take the cake Mr.! And don’t talk about security of the country please, you were there as a senior officer when Jammeh (a junior office) took over the government effortlessly in 1994. You did not only fail in detecting any security threat then, but you were also arrested and jailed. So nyan nala with the security blah blah blah!

Sam: On a final note, my position on the so-called peaceful demonstration never changed since the architects of the anarchy started their conspiracy to the very day it happened on April 14 2016. That if you want to tear down a country in an effort to change a government that was popularly elected into office, then be ready to face or see anything in that uphill battle including the end of few to many lives, plus of course yours.

Me: Sam, again, please don’t talk about “anarchy”, you represent and ferociously defend a government that is just that. You seem to be proud and bragging about the loss of lives too.

Sam: Now that the whole nasty scheme boomeranged in their satanic faces, it looks like out of shock and disbelief, they want to resort to any means to nurse their wounded souls. If they have any element of conscience, they should blame themselves for any casualty in the problem they have cooked and dished in six months or so.

Me: Sam, forget “boomerang”, Jammeh is dusting off his guillotine for your head. With Gambia isolated and the noose tightening, your loose mouth and recklessness is the last thing he needs. You just threw in a monkey wrench in his already boiling sea of troubles. Watch him sacrifice you for acting up. You were seeking a comfortable retirement by selling you soul to the man who made you cry, right? Guess what? Your mouth just did you in!

Sam: But, hey, the con artist is always a con artist and this is one con artist on steroid.”

Me: Sam, you conned people into buying your book, just to turn around and tell them “nahay mbowe.” You disputed the contents of your own book. Who does that? Talking about steroids – you are the dealer for the con artists. You were better off denying that it was your voice on the recording rather than make this flimsy argument. Your boot-licking ways has crossed the line and your disdain for your fellow Gambian has been exposed for all to see. Everything you said is on record for posterity sake. My only question to you now is: Sam, what will you do post Jammeh? You can sleep on it.

Written By Momodou Ndow


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