Gambia: A Divided Gambian Army Ponders the Arrest of Yaya Jammeh


Folks, following the eruption of the Kalama Revolution in The Gambia, much has changed in the country.  For the first time ever during the 22-year regime of Yaya Jammeh, Gambians are now openly and publicly talking about the excesses of the regime. Spearheaded by the brave and heroic Solo Sendeng, the Kalama Revolution has put the Kanilai Monster in a corner with Gambians displaying in public banners such as “Jammeh Resign”, “No to Dictatorship”,etc.  The fear that Yaya Jammeh used as an instrument of governance is rapidly dissipating. 

saul-badjie-e1441514359592Soldiers of the State Guards, Para, National Army are all now part of the debates raging across the country as to the best way to get rid of Yaya Jammeh.  Gambians have moved from debating about Yaya Jammeh’s failure as a leader to talking about the best way to get rid of him.  Many soldiers are of the opinion that he should be arrested and brought to trial for the many murders he has committed.  The issue is however that only the State Guards led by Saul Badjie and the Close Protective Unit led by Umpa Mendy the Principal Protection Officer are in a good position to effect this arrest.  Both men are in a good position to arrest Yaya without any bloodshed.  If you know Saul Badjie or Umpa Mendy, please call them and politely try to persuade them to effect the arrest of Jammeh. 

This is why it is important for all Gambians with relatives in the army or Police to call them and encourage them to support the plan for the arrest of Yaya Jammeh.  All efforts should be made to ensure that Yaya Jammeh is not harmed during his arrest and that he is imprisoned in a manner that people seeking revenge cannot cause harm to him.  Jammeh should be tried in a fair and proper court of law and he should be accorded access to lawyers of his choice.  The soldiers effecting his arrest should be granted amnesty for any crimes they may have done in the past and should be awarded a cash bonus for their patriotism. 

People, we also should not forget the family of Solo Sendeng.  In the New Gambia, we will need to establish scholarships in honor of Solo and make sure that his family never suffer by providing them monthly allowances to help them.  

Our people should also make sure that they stop sending Western Union to any supporters of Yaya Jammeh.  This economic sanction against the regime will complement the border closure by Senegal and the EU aid cutoff.  People should also not buy treasury bills of the regime and stop contributing to the Social Security.  Yaya Jammeh is using Social Security and Treasury bill money for his personal benefit. Anybody buying these treasury bills risks losing their money as most times, the money is given directly to Jammeh and does not even reach the Central Bank. 

The key to remember however is that each one of us can be a Solo Sendeng by using the money we send wisely.  Stop your building projects in Gambia, only send money for food and medicines. Don’t send money to Jammeh supporters.  If we all do this, the regime will soon collapse. 

Finally, those from Banjul should make sure that at least one member of each compound is represented at the Courthouse. Also, feed the protestors and do donate to the Gambia Democracy Fund in order to finance the Kalama Revolution. 

Written By Deep Throat

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