Gambia: Breaking News: As Ndugu Kebbeh Cancels Preparations To Welcome Jammeh; Armed Strangers Spotted In The Nuimis


Yahya Jammeh was supposed to make a stopover in Ndungu Kebbeh, on the first leg of his nationwide tour on Thursday, but he changed his mind on the eleventh hour. Everyone was on standby waiting for the Kanilai monkey to arrive. But he never showed up.

The Governor of North Bank Region had sent a word in Ndungu Kebbeh that Jammeh was due to arrive. He asked the villagers to fetch for firewood and prepare meal for the guests arriving from Banjul.

Thanks to the Governor’s office, that’s how news spread around the locality that Ndugu Kebbeh was among the villages that Jammeh was supposed to visit. There is strong presence of agents in Ndugu Kebbeh.

Unless he changes his mind, Jammeh is bluffing that he is due to leave Banjul, for the upcountry on Monday. The people of Ndugu Kebbeh are not very eager to receive him. The village is battling with hunger, and starvation. They also complained about poor harvest.

The villagers said Jammeh should fix the economy before embarking on such useless tours. They also want to see a change of leadership.

“I rather die here farming, but I am not going to Banjul to operate my business. Business is dead in this country. Yahya Jammeh’s government has not brought anything useful to Gambians besides endemic poverty, diseases, massive unemployment, fear, and economic degradation,” said one resident.

“Jammeh is a mad dog. He has nothing to offer to us. He will come here and start talking rubbish. We have had enough of his cursing of our parents. He made us to fetch for firewood and prepare for his welcoming ceremony, but he never showed up on Thursday,” he added.

Some strangers with accent were spotted in the Nuimis. There are MFDC rebels who are on Jammeh’s army. It is not clear if the armed men were part of Jammeh’s Advance team. Gambia is a police state. Communities were intimidated by the strong presence of the armed men. There are armed plain cloth officers brandishing their weapons around town twenty four seven.

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