Gambia: Breaking News: US Federal Court Jails Austin Real Estate Developer And Others Plotting To Oust Dictator Jammeh; Papa Faal Freed!


A US Federal court has sentenced the main financier of the December, 30th failed coup in The Gambia, which left some of the mutineers dead. Austin Real Estate Developer Cherno Njie has been sentenced to one year in Federal prison. He was also fined $10000. The court also imposed three years supervisory probation against Njie upon his release from prison custody.

Mr. Banka Manneh, a Gambian political activist, was sentenced to six months in prison. Manneh, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Like Njie, Manneh too has been slammed with three years supervisory probation.

Alhagie Barrow, a former US serviceman, has also been sentenced to six months. He was fined $200. Barrow faces three years supervisory probation upon his release.

Former Air force Sergeant Papa Faal was acquitted and discharged by the court. He faces no prison term. He was given credit for the time served during his detention. The court however, imposed three years supervisory probation against Mr. Faal.  

The men were charged under an old US Neutrality law. The convicts are yet to start serving their time in jail.

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