Gambia: Breaking News: Gen. Badjie Narrowly Escapes Assassination; Schools Closed; As Jammeh’s Health Deteriorates, Fatoto Helicopters Scares Jammeh


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write my able boss. My boss, DCC can re-assure Gambians that be it a coup, sickness, arrest or abscond, monster Jammeh will soon become history. We have past the beginning of the end and can smell victory. The entire State House is talking about this. As we have reported before dictator Jammeh is using medicine to pretend that he is not sick but he can collapse anytime. Dictator Jammeh is constantly on medication and has doctors around him all the time. But pictures speaks louder than words, Gambians can you please look at this picture and decide for yourself, why and what is dictator Jammeh hiding. His neck is skinny, thin and he now covers his neck so that the people cannot see it. Fellow Gambians, this past weekend, we were in Kanilai and the temperature was very hot and this monster was covering his neck and was sweating and smelling bad. The question of the century is to find out why is monster Jammeh covering his neck, what is he hiding?


Fellow Gambians, a lot is happening in the country and there is total chaos and monster Jammeh is paranoid and confused. The entire security apparatus is in total disarray and over stretched. The security apparatus are tired and becoming more disgruntled by the day. They are working long hours, overloaded and not being paid and it is just a matter of time before something gives in, it is simple logic. There is threat everywhere, and monster Jammeh knows about the threat.

Without going into details killer Saul Badjie, just returned from URR to gather intelligence and confirm the sighting of helicopters around the border by Fatoto. When dictator Jammeh was briefed about sighting of helicopters around Fatoto, he almost collapsed and ordered killer Saul Badjie to personally drive to URR and confirm the story. According to a reliable DCC agent at Fatoto, Saul Badjie, was personally asking the locals about the helicopters and he eventually filed a report and delivered it to monster Jammeh.

But fellow Gambians, dictator Jammeh is full of tricks and Saul Badjie escaped an assassination attempt. Whilst Saul Badjie was in URR, monster Jammeh orchestrated a plan to assassinate Saul Badjie on his way back from URR. Luckily, Saul Badjie, returned the same day and did not spend the night and that is why he escaped. DCC can assure to Gambians that there is a cat and mouse game going between Saul Badjie and dictator Jammeh.

Highly placed reliable sources have confirmed to DCC that monster Jammeh is planning to kill Saul Badjie by using General Joseph Bassen, Ousman Sonko and Musa Savage. Saul Badjie is aware of this and the situation is very tense at the State House. Looking from outside State House looks fine but if you are inside as DCC agents, State House, is tense and fragile. You don’t need to be a military expert to know that there is multiple coup plans cooking at the State House and this time it will not fail Gambians. Just wait and see. In the meantime, dictator Jammeh has instructed all the top Generals to be on full duty all the time so that they cannot plan anything against him. He has kidnapped all the so called Generals in broad daylight.

Fellow Gambians, as reported monster Jammeh is going to start a nationwide “image making tour” on Monday, and DCC can tell you that due to security concerns monster Jammeh will not go or if he goes his health will not allow him to conduct the entire tour, physically he cannot do it. He will need to be connected to a machine for him to do it.

Fellow Gambians, dictator Jammeh has started giving out millions to appease the people, just last week, he handed more than one million dalasis to Imam Ratif Cherno Kah. During the tour, he will make false promises such as free education, free fertilizer, free ride to heaven, free electricity, free water whilst many of his workers have not receive salaries for months. The country is in the verge of sinking and even his own mother is lacking basic commodities and now he constantly ignores his mother’s calls.

The country wide tour is going to put a lot of burden to the chiefs and alkalos. They have been instructed to provide rice and bulls by force, this poor people have no choice but to obey the directives coming from the State House, they will take their last livestock and give it to monster Jammeh for feeding during his tour. Dictator Jammeh will use this tour to attempt to rebuild his shattered image and will insult Senegal and blame them for all the hardship Gambia is facing whilst underground he is sending these greedy Imams to Senegal to beg the Senegalese authorities to open the border.

Fellow Gambians, we need to remain hopeful and positive about the arrest of the UPD party members and protesters. Dictator Jammeh do not know what to do with the detainees. Some are beaten so seriously and have scars all over their bodies. Dictator Jammeh wants them to heal before he can decide to release them or not. The longer he keeps the opposition members the more civil unrest will emerge countrywide. But according to a reliable DCC agent at Kanilai, dictator Jammeh is not planning to release the core UDP leaders, he wants to waste their time and adjust their case until after the election. This is the last strategy dictator Jammeh has decided to implement, keep them until after election and then CONVICT all of them.

Unless Gambians unite and rise up, monster Jammeh will execute this plan to the letter. DCC is urging all student bodies, civil servants and genuine members to all come out this coming Monday, and block the start of the presidential tour. Dictator Jammeh has already instructed that there will be no school on Monday, he do not want to open any door for people to riot. Even taxi drivers have become victims of dictator Jammeh. Any taxi driver caught carrying passengers who are members/supporters or sympathizers of the UDP party will be arrested. Now Taxi drivers are losing revenue and avoiding the Banjul route, can a country survive this, no? Once again Gambians, DCC can reliably inform you that monster Jammeh has no plans releasing the protesters and will take them back and forth to court until after the election, then eventually convict all of them. Remember we have Nigerian judges, who have no ethics and they are all assassins.

DCC can also report to you again that dictator Jammeh is still hosting the Ethiopian prostitutes, he was with them at Kanilai and they just moved back to Banjul by the Albert Market. The Ethiopian prostitutes are currently lodged at the former residence of Musa Jammeh by the State House.

Devil  Zeinab is traveling to America on Friday, and these prostitutes will move to the State House and travel with him during the tour. DUGA you have a guest coming, but DCC can tell you that she is also very disgruntled because she had to wait for a long time before the financial foot soldiers gathered enough funds from the respective government branches that collect revenue from the public. There is no money like before but once again devil Zeinab is flying on a private plane to America.

Fellow Gambians, DCC is monitoring and documenting a lot. DCC can share with you that monster Jammeh has hired rebels from Guinea Bissau, who are now on his payroll. They are right now at Kanilia and this is one of the reasons monster Jammeh is frequenting Kanilai, he is sleeping with prostitutes, meeting with spiritual advisers and meeting with rebel leaders. Dictator Jammeh do not trust his security anymore, he knows it’s over but unfortunately Gambians, the ULTIMATE SOLUTION is going to be bloodshed that cannot be avoided. Monster Jammeh is paranoid and can order these rebels to enter Banjul for his defense at any time. These are foreign rebels who are very poor and will obey any commands.

DCC is warning the following people and you are being monitored. Jungler Michael Jatta DCC is warning you, we know the instructions you have received and we are following your pickup, you will be surprised. DCC is warning these people and they should know that the entire world has its eye on the Gambia:

Turtle Isatou Njie Saidy

Killer Saul Badjie

Terminator Ousman Sonko

IGP Yankuba Sonko

Yankuba Badjie

Mama Fatou Singhateh

Neneh Macdoual

Sherrif Bojang

Momodou Sabally

Yankuba Colley

Babou Gaye Sonko

Security chiefs and heads, you will all be held responsible for whatever is happening to defenseless Gambians. There is a travel and visa ban in the making and all of you including your family members will be affected.

Dictator Jammeh release Solo Sendeng DEAD or ALIVE.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier


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