Gambia: Gambia worries about increasingly violent Yaya Jammeh


Yaya Jammeh, the heart of darkness  is so preoccupied with violently changing the psychological tempo of Gambian life and the character of Gambian politics instead of worrying about mechanisms to revive the struggling economy, unreliable electricity, deplorable education system failing our future generations, lack of medication in hospitals, human rights is nonexistent and the list goes on. The regime employs—cunning strategy of opacity in everything it does, dissimulation in discourse partially intended to trick and to confuse Gambians with the sole intention to hide its stark philosophical contradictions and historical anachronisms. He constantly attempts to distract, divert and befuddle us and tune Gambians out of happenings in their country and around the world.  Gambians are feeling the true weight of it. He is busy working to ensure that Gambians are distrustful of each other, divided by our prejudices, rejoice at each other’s tragedy or downfall and at each other’s throats. He understood the cultural and linguistic nuances of Gambians. Political explanation is also necessary, so he uses genealogy and proximal relationships to buy out populations which threatens his rule. For instance, he will put native sons of Birikama in strategic positions in government to confused and suppress Birikama decedents. These folks’ names are not worthy to mention but we he understands their unrelenting love of fame, materialistic minds and merchant cash lovers.

He micromanages the country’s affairs—and also he demonstrates in our faces incontrovertibly that the Gambians take their leader’s advice quite literally. He fired imam fatty and prop up Cherno Kah (now richer than his congregation) —gave him a tour of his notorious prison to show him what will befall him in prison. He kills the spirit of this men and degrades him in public eyes as a merchant cash lover. There and then, he successful confuses the population and weaken the spirit of Banjulians. The corollary of this methodology is not only to usurp the right of Banjulians to speak but to suppress and isolate them.  Recently, a magistrate was arrested and given a similar tour of notorious NIA, threatened and warned against the perils of tempering justice with mercy. Those poor magistrates will now start setting exorbitant bail amounts in the tune of millions and requesting title deeds. This will help feed the lifespan of his dictatorship and enable him to creep slowly —and own homes in strategic real estate locations. Hence, vast sectors of the economy are now own by Yaya Jammeh and managed by his family—not elected by the citizenry—rule over the many. Fear make people stupid and remains a daily prospect in people’s lives. This enables him to enslaved all the citizenry in order to prey on them.

He understands if he uses the army to suppress the protesters, people would be crying out Jola hegemony thing because— we all know about the incompetent security heads who are pre-occupied with dating our women and walking to the banks with hefty cash on hand, air conditioned homes and nation resources at their disposals. What does Yaya do, he directs the devil conjurer at Kanifing police Jollow to suppress the protesters and arrest politicians. He intermediates the guy to bring out the sentimental beast out of him as he loses his sense. Then Yaya quietly uses his jungulars and some loyal army chaps to put on police uniforms and use brute force. Then Gambians get confused and start blaming one another. Endless conversations online radios of who is to be blame “Cassamance sons or our brothers” while Yaya laughs and enjoy this societal chaos he orchestra. These characters he uses and the events offers an image of a society beset with structural problems and political paradoxes to confused Gambians.  Any civilized government would be ashamed of these kind of practices, but not Gambia, where repression is worn as a badge of honor to be recognized by Yaya Jammeh.  Nothing is stable in Gambia anymore even graveyards. People go to their graves without proper rituals, remains of the dead are dug off and used to cover investigations or Janlangs. Chei! We all failed Gambia allowing this bad man to keep ruling us. Our nation is crying out in silence but we can’t hear it out. Whatever you are passionate about The Gambia, there is someone out there struggling for freedom who needs your talents to be free. Fear societies don’t produce peace or stability. Instead, they foster terror and stressful short life’s span.

This regime that is increasingly controlled and run by foul-mouthed bullies—with teaspoon education. The rudiments of a new kind of apartheid are put in place, wherein the illiterates and their cohorts battle for shares of power but the majority of the society is denied any real role in determining the future of the country.

Yaya view Gambians as expendable resources to be used, abused and discarded. With all the crimes of humanity Yaya is doing to Gambian women and openly going against God’s authority about handling women and children, he attempts to — distract, divert and befuddle us from the unpalatable truth by giving an odd number charity to SOS village. For the past 22 years, Yaya has declared war on business, men, women, infants whom he feeds to crocodiles remains our daily prospect. Yaya Jammeh imprisons women regularly with apparent impunity. Careful readers of Ndogoi story will uncover behind scenes of how Yaya Jammeh orders 5 or 7 strong men to torture her and rewarded them with sheep’s and meat for fireside chats.  Her arrest was a shot across the bow for Yaya Jammeh. Ndogoi’s  affidavit  on this aspect of her experience shows the degree to which Yaya Jammeh micromanages the country’s affairs even torture sessions  and rewards afterwards. Her testimony shed light on some aspect of the many paradoxes that define the troubled country.

And ironically, in spite of the regime’s anti-colonial braggadocio, he fails Gambia mercilessly and enrich himself with Phantoms, stretch hummer as far as the eye can see, home in Potomac USA and elsewhere in the world, bank accounts overseas. Yaya Jammeh’s intention to rule all with annihilation of consciousness for his pleasures, prejudices and gains. Yaya you wish to shift the focus of our attention but all our eyes are on you and our prayers are heading towards you. We can all hear the first faint sounds of a death rattle for the Jammeh regime.

Written By habib ( A Concerned Gambian)


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