Gambia: Gambia-Senegal Border Crisis- Jammeh Concedes Defeat- The Meeting Will Be Held In Dakar!


After all the misinformation, spinning, propaganda, media manipulation and religious intervention; Yaya Jammeh has thrown the towel and is now ready to finally negotiate the border issue with the Senegalese in Dakar. This information was contained in a Press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Senegal, Mr. Mankeur NDIAYE. The release pointed out that there will be a diplomatic consultation between Senegal and Gambia to be held on Sunday 15 May 2016, in Dakar at hotel King Fahd Palace, at 10 a.m.. It went further to say that the two Foreign Affairs Ministers Mr. Mankeur NDIAYE and Mrs. Neneh Macdouall GAYE would lead the negotiations.

It seems Mr. Jammeh has finally backed down from his original demand that the meeting must be held in Banjul and before any meaningful negotiation can take place, Senegal must open the borders. What makes Jammeh to quickly turn around and eat his words is a matter for speculation but one Senegalese tabloid, Le Quotidien, is today reporting that Jammeh is ready for open and frank discussions and would accept any proposal on the table as long as the Senegalese will open the restricted borders between Gambia and Senegal.

Meantime, the visit of The Guinean President, Alpha Conde, did not go well with Jammeh. If the information we are getting from a Guinean source close to the meeting is anything to go by, President Conde delivered a stern and unambiguous message to Jammeh from ECOWAS, the regional body.

We wait and see what will emerge from that short tete a tete meeting, but one thing is certain that the release of all political prisoners illegally detained and reportedly tortured must be release. There are unconfirmed reports that the regional body is even calling for Jammeh to stand down. We wait and see his rantings in his coming tour. Senegal has finally gained the upper hand without even starting the negotiations. 

Written By Our Correspondent In Senegal


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