Gambia: Breaking News: Banjul/Senegal Border Impasse Talks-Senegalese Foreign Minister Raised The Suspended Trans-Gambia Bridge, As A Bargaining Chip!


Gambia’s Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye, has launched a passionate appeal to the Senegalese authorities for the border to be reopened saying that failure of which it would cause a devastating economic hardship to the citizens of the two sister countries. Hence, she said The Gambia government deems it crucially imperative to engage the Senegalese authorities in an attempt to find a lasting solution to the border impasse.

“Ramadan is fast approaching. If the border remains closed, it would create further hardship to the people. On The Gambian side of the border, it is opened. The Gambia and Senegal are one people. You cannot find a Senegalese who doesn’t have a relative in The Gambia. Likewise The Gambia. That being the case, we cannot afford to sit by and see the border closed,” said Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye, who was accompanied to the Senegalese capital Dakar, by a strong government delegation from Banjul, to take part in the ongoing border talks.

The Senegalese Foreign Minister assured Minister Madouall Gaye that Senegal will look into their concerns—with the hope of resolving the border impasse. The Minister however noted that a multi-million dollars bridge was already approved to begin the construction of the Bamba-Tenda/Elli-Tenda bridge, for some unknown reasons The Gambian government backed out from the project. The project was financed donor partners, he said.

Going by what the Senegalese Foreign Minister has lamented in regards to Gambia’s apparent failure to honor its part in ensuring that the proposed bridge is constricted, Senegal will no doubt use the bridge as a bargaining chip for the border reopening. The Senegalese Foreign Minister is telling the Banjul delegation that in order to resolve the border crisis, Banjul must honor its part in ensuring that the agreed bridge is constructed.

It would be recalled that dictator Yahya Jammeh initially agreed for the construction of the proposed bridge. Jammeh later suspended the construction of the bridge after a foundation stone was already laid down. The company that was awarded the contract to construct the bridge has since withdrawn from the site.

Neneh Macdouall Gaye is not a Foreign Minister material. She played the victim card during the talks. She told the gathering that Banjul is ready to meet the demands of the Senegalese, but forgetting that the 10,000% ferry crossing tariff occasioned the border impasse.  That’s the core issue of the dispute.

For Neneh to infer that the border is open on the Gambian side of the border, and yet she doesn’t want to admit that Gambia’s Trade, Transport, and economic policies is the main byproduct of the border impasse, exposes her diplomatic idiocy.  That lady will never get it. She is just a diplomatic idiot.

It is evident that a mediocre regime is operating in Banjul. The same regime filed a complaint with ECOWAS, accusing the Macky Sall government of violating the ECOWAS protocol—promoting the free movement of goods and people. ECOWAS dismissed the complaint with prejudice. It referred the complaining party to engage the Senegalese government and resolve the matter.

Now Banjul’s fate is in the hands of Senegal and not ECOWAS. Senegal has communicated its demands to the Jammeh regime. It is up to Neneh Macdouall to relay the message to her boss Yahya Jammeh. We seriously doubt if Jammeh will accommodate the demands of the Senegalese people.

Keep in mind that the Senegalese Transport Union is an independent body. It is also the main stakeholder here. Their demands are still fresh. There is no turning back from their end. They are determined to continue with the ferry boycott as long as that idiot calling himself a President Yahya Jammeh is presiding over the affairs of The Gambia.

It is sad that The Gambia under Yahya Jammeh is becoming a joke. Our country is now a subject of ridicule in Senegal. We are no longer a respected and independent nation. Senegal now decides our fate—thanks to Yahya Jammeh’s lack of leadership qualities.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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