Gambia: The Effects of Whitewashing Gambia’s Troubled Monstrous Tyrant with Olive Branch


Unfolding developments on the political terrain give cause for worry about the future of our beloved country in hands of Yaya Jammeh and our judiciary — one of the arms of government in the hands of incompetence mercenary judges. We are seeing right before our eyes, orders of mass arrests and detentions of peaceful Gambians citizens.  The kind of impunity was unfurled last week when the judge presiding over the political case confessed to a journalist live on radio ” it was embarrassing to jail senior member of the bar and politicians”. It was rather difficult for him to explain why his court denied them bail under his jurisdiction.

The true test of this case would be if Yaya Jammeh attempted to do what some people fear he might do, namely, begin a vendetta against his political opponents or others he wants to deal with them “Kanilai style” to keep them in jail as long as he could. Oh! We learn they referred our women as “onion” at NIA. I reproduce Nogoi statement here ” The said tough guy who was taking me then stopped and said to them in Mandinka that he had brought them an onion and they responded that he should put me on the table so that they can break the onion in two”. Bleak as it feels, perhaps some of this may be evidence of a long-overdue change of this regime and in a moral climate under dictatorship of Yaya Jammeh.

The past few days have been momentous with security operatives doing the bidding of Yaya Jammeh against the citizens hunting them house after house.  Specifically, at issue is to what extents for the law allows Yaya Jammeh has to treat Gambian citizens like enemies of the state. This dust-up is thick with irony, given that Yaya Jammeh has gone out of his mind and claimed he has the right to target Gambians with deadly force, though his regime refuses to explain the basis for this extraordinary and unconstitutional power.

 Yaya will leave behind an improbable legacy as the only president who orders extermination of his own citizens. Jammeh has declared a multifront war against Gambians — killings, planting drugs on opponent’s cars or homes, death panels he chaired with jungulars, secrete court marshals, addiction, stealing our resources, tax raids, tribal cleansing, satisfy his own sexual urges with another man’s wife or children, redistricting our communities and redrawing our heritage to suit his political purposes. No other country has suffered such.

The backway travels or mass exile of our citizens has resulted to Yaya Jammeh brutal terrorist group “Jungulars ” to sweep into the vacuum left by the absent Gambians. This weakened the ability of the nation to fight him back. He also uses the “tribal card” — an epithet used to discredit real challenge of his brutal rule and imagined.

Publicly, Mr. Jammeh will never acknowledged he failed Gambians early on the contradiction between his coup message and the realities of his governing style. No matter how much beacon of hope and change Yaya Jammeh will promised, what we will ended up with is not only more of the same brutality, but something worse: an authoritarian surveillance state ready to eliminate any opposition, more yayacratic (add it to your own dictionary), nation more debt-ridden by Zainab Jammeh’s spending’s, more Yaya Jammeh violence, more militarized, more fascist, more lawless, more invasive, more corrupt, more untrustworthy, more mired in tribal war, and more unresponsive to the wishes and needs of the Gambians. Meanwhile, Gambians can’t afford to go more than one month without a paycheck or remittance from abroad.

 Yaya Jammeh does not care and he is not mindful of the dangers of escalation of harming Gambians because he understands the world bodies only dishes out record statements. The erstwhile Ecowas had already signaled a “hands-off” approach. This weak bodies pave the way for him growing his arsenal on innocent Gambians. He is out there with his partisan security forces using strong-arm tactics for the rest of his reign to inflict the maximum pain to Gambians and turn the country into stone ages. The NIA and states secret police payroll is expanding despite the fact that problems are caused by the regime. The prisons population are growing at an alarming rate owing largely to over criminalization cause by Yaya Jammeh.

Gambians will be forced to shell out more money for Yaya Jammeh’s growing prison population whiles The nation’s infrastructure—water pipelines, historic buildings and roads rapidly deteriorating. Unfortunately, developmental aid money is not being invested in Gambia, nor is it being used to improve the lives of Gambians. He instead steals everything and dump it in overseas account whiles Zainab laughs to the banks. He brings the change (Waychit) on TV and gets very angry for giving some of it. Rounding out the bad news, many security personals know little to nothing about the rights of Gambians but are agents of Yaya Jammeh — watching, curtailing and putting down any resistance before it can get started. He armed them to the teeth to easily blow away any people when and if necessary but GOD is on the side of innocent Gambians.

We shall overcome one day. There is only one feasible solution left to us short of fleeing the country —   such a solution requires more defiant activism, engagement with diasporian for monetary help, vigilance on our neighborhood, sacrifice, community-building trust on each other again, voice our concerns at municipal council meetings, a communal willingness to reject the Dictators stolen handouts and his sexual advances. It is time to stop the endless repetition of the cycle of shock – and start going out gracing the protest “nonviolent resistance” in large numbers to drive this dictator out of our land.

 Truth be told! Yes, there are too many Gambia who are reasonably content with the status quo and too few Gambians willing to tolerate the discomfort and a way of life that is less convenient, less entertaining, and less comfortable. We cannot become any more a society of watchers anymore. This is the moth of sahban were the good deeds are taken to the heaven.  Yaya Jammeh and his partisan security enablers have deeds of blood spilling, lives taken away, stealing, lying, deceiving and list goes on going to the heavens. We Gambians can add the noble deed of stopping a tyrant who enjoys jailing women, old men, babies and the innocent.  Let’s take by our country.

Written By Habib (A Concerned Gambian)


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