Gambia: The enemy within: Enablers of Yaya Jammeh who keep him in power


Everyone’s disgusted. We are going through scary days and Yaya Jammeh is able can operate without restraint or even go on tour despite the barking of diasporian and international community.  There’s plenty of disappointment to be found.  No one’s really surprised. So why, after learning our lesson over and over again about how he uses Gambians to do his dirty jobs we continue to be permissive when it comes to his enablers? Yet a cross-section of Gambians continued to embrace the enablers. This is why Yaya Jammeh had showed again his willingness to use brutal force to crush the pro-democracy opposition. He brushed aside stinging criticism by EU, UN, Ecowas and resumed the harming of citizens because he is surrounded by enablers.  

Other prominent Gambians and religious figures are muted in their condemnation of the regime or completely silent. He either lies repeatedly on National TV and no one dares to challenge him in Gambia. Gambian should realize that Yaya Jammeh will rule in terror as long as we continue to give a free pass to his enablers and rub shoulders, shake hands and profit from them. If there’s a trait common among Gambians, it’s their instinct to avoid making tough choices because of genealogy or proximal relationship. Again, they are enablers.

The violence on Gambians has gotten worse since the regime came to power. The so call independent press in Gambia are not reporting most of the correct picture of the unrest happenings in Gambia. Yet just days after the brutal attack on April 14 and 16th protestors, major papers in Gambia have published op-eds and editorials that were blaming the event. Why? Because they are so fearful that they are enablers within. Yaya Jammeh is finding it hard to pay to get fuel or for food imports due to border closer and has resorted to bartering. Yet, no complaints from voices in the country. He instead went on TV and bravely blaming Gambians and Senegalese.

The Nations security officers prefer to delegate it responsibilities to diasporian or foreign bodies such as so —someone else can take the blame for their inaction. The 30th December heroes were sold by enemies within to the dictator. Some were brutalized barbarically and others now serving jail sentences eyebrow-raising, outrageous — and ultimately sad. When it emerged that these acts of brutality on the protesters were the work of a native Gambians in the security and its enablers, it was immediately clear to me that the violence will deal a heavy blow on our cause against Yaya Jammeh. This “Casamancephobia” isn’t an excused no more.

These days it seems all the Gambians in the diaspora are so concern about happening in Gambia under Yaya Jammeh regime, and for good reason. They doing their best fundraising and demonstrating. But what exactly else more can they do about it? Nothing unless people on the ground are willing to take dramatic action and protest to show their dissatisfaction. Perhaps more importantly, all the important Jobs in the world bodies are represented by unethical enablers. Numerous examples have been identified and are not call out on their distortions, spins, half-truths and outright lies that are inevitably baked. Cynical? Perhaps, but over the years the Gambian perception has been validated. Some who cried out loud and got asylums, are sitting mute on evidence watching this fight. Lets be honest to ourselves. It will take a village to tackle down this regime.

Written By Habib ( A concerned Gambian) 


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