Breaking News: Gambia’s Interior Minister Got Into A Drama Scene In Dakar, With A Senegalese Lady, Who Entertains Him Sexually!


Gambia’s Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, was busy fooling around with women, while The Gambia/Senegal border talks were ongoing in the Senegalese capital Dakar, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Sonko, who has been widely known for his infidelity activities, refused to share the same hotel with the delegation led by Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye. Sonko booked a different hotel, where he was spotted with a Senegalese lady with the first name Maimouna.  

SONKO BUSTED“Ousman Sonko was sleeping around with a Senegalese lady, by the name Maimouna, while members of his delegations were busy with their mission. The members of the delegation that were in Dakar since the beginning of the week for the ECOWAS meetings were lodged at Meridien Hotel. Ousman Sonko refused to join the same hotel and instead went to Hotel Sargann near the Embassy of Ghana about 100 meters from the airport,” a member of the Banjul delegation told the Freedom Newspaper.

After luring the Senegalese lady into having sex with him, Ousman flatly refused to honor the promise he made to the lady. It is not clear if the lady is a hooker (prostitute), but sources said Maimouna went on rampage by telling Sonko to fulfill his promise to her.  

“This woman was staying with him throughout his stay in Dakar. The lady is now complaining that Sonko did not fulfill his promise to buy her a curved flat screen when she has given him everything he wanted,” the delegation official said.

“We are trying to establish contact with the lady. This guy is a BIG time womanizer. The hotel is not far from the Gambian Embassy,” our source added.


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