Gambia: Arms Movement Reported In The Fonis And Banjul!


There are reports of arms movement within the Fonis and in Banjul. Armed soldiers have been spotted moving arms from one destination to the order. No one seems to know what’s going on at this hour.

Guards and officers led by General Joseph Bassen have reportedly transported arms to the other side of The Gambia/Southern province of Casamance, Senegal. A hole was dug before the arms were buried in the hole. Bassen and his men were seen in Sibanoor, hours before they proceeded to the border village.

According to our source, the arms were kept between Majajah and Tangal.  The arms were hidden in a bag. There were twenty six bags filled with arms. These were AK47 folding bot. The MFDC rebels are operating a base in Majajah. The rebels are using Sutu-Sinjang and Bulock in The Gambia as a hideout each time they are hit by the Senegalese security forces. Dictator Yahya Jammeh is using Bulock and Dimbaya as outlets to conceal his stolen timber from Casamance.

General Bassen gave the rebels over ten thousand dollars. They used a pickup truck to transport the arms to the rebels.

General Bassen was accompanied by the following people:

General Sillah Kujabi, Naval Commander

Captain Space Tamba, Officer Commanding Military Intelligence Yundum Barracks

Micheal Correa, Jungullar

A driver whose name we are yet to establish.

While in Janjangbreh with his entourage, a panic stricken Yahya Jammeh phoned General Badjie to ask him about some arms movement at the State House. General Badjie, was at Brusibi at the time. Badjie told Jammeh that he was not aware of his query, but he promised to investigate.

Jammeh also placed similar phone call to Major Sanna Manjang. He briefed Manjang about what he gathered. There is heightened army standby.

The Kanilai monster is likely to cut short his tour—in view of the mounting insecurity in the country. He is being accompanied by Chief Pimp Jimbay Jammeh. Delegation sources said Jammeh is increasingly worried. Jammeh has been consistently phoning Banjul to confront the likes of General Badjie and co.

In another development, Lieutenant Buba Jammeh, the Deputy officer commanding military intelligence at the State House, is reported to have gone mad. He has since relocated to his home village Mandinaba. This followed the arrest of Jammeh’s Fulla shepherds by the army. He coordinated the arrest of the shepherds.. Mr. Jammeh constantly cries at night. He has since been released on sick leave by the army. 

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