Gambia: Gambia’s De Facto Dictator’s Message To ” The Western Backed” Opposition Protesters: “I Will Bury You Nine Feet Deep And No Westerner Can Say Anything.”


“Let me warn you those evil vermin called opposition: If you want to destabilize this country, I will bury you nine feet deep and no westerner can say anything,” said Gambia’s De Facto dictator Yahya Jammeh on Wednesday, during his nationwide tour. Mr. Jammeh, speaking publicly for the first time, since the opposition unrest begun, which left Ebrima Sandeng, murdered by the country’s rogue security forces, dozen others brutally tortured, tried to downplay the opposition showdown.  Jammeh even took a swipe at the western media, branding them as bunch of liars.

“They say massive demonstrations in The Gambia, what great liars are the western press; you are all liars. Because you are use as mouthpieces to destabilize Africa, but in The Gambia, you will fail, as you have failed for twenty one years to destabilize this country with your lies and evil intensions,” Jammeh remarked .

The mercurial Gambian despot, has used his tour to declare a war against the opposition. Mr. Jammeh opines that some section of Gambia’s opposition are on the payroll of the west, whose objective he said, is to overthrow his regime through violent means. Mr. Jammeh also said he is going to monitor Gambian locals, who receive money from diasporan Gambians to fuel political unrest in the country.  

“ I am warning all of you Gambians and I will swear to the Holly Koran. If you have a relative that is on the payroll of the west he will not even enjoy that money and if you support him, you will also join him. You can oppose, but you have no right to incite violence to destabilize the country. If you cannot get it through the ballot box; if you want to get it through violence; belai, walahi talali, (swearing)  for seven million years nobody will see you. Belai walai talai,” Jammeh warned.  

Mr. Jammeh told the gathering that any Gambian arrested in connection with opposition protest, he, or she will never see the daylight. He warns that such detainees will perish in jail.

According to Jammeh, the country’s opposition are “Opportunistic evil people being use by the west. These are people being sponsored by the west to destabilize progressive African countries. The Gambia is a country that they would have failed; the west would fail. They would fail to destabilize my country for the next one thousand years. And any western country can try me and see.”

 “Let me make it very clear: There is no single western country that wants to see an African country to develop; whether they like it or not, we have been developing for the past twenty one years. And we will develop in the next one billion years. There is no western country that can stop it,” Jammeh added.  

Speaking before an interpreter Momodou Joof, Yahya Jammeh self-styled himself, as a progressive independent African leader, who is despised by the west because of his uncompromising principles. Jammeh noted that the west doesn’t want to see a developed independent African nation.

Jammeh’s message to the west: “They don’t like me. Do I care? They can go to hell.”

The Kanlai jester also renewed his attacks on the British. He accused the British of perpetuating exploitation and slavery in Africa.

“I am a better democrat than all the British system combined. Do you Gambians know that the British have been here for four hundred years and did not build a National Assembly? They have been here for four hundred years and did not build one primary school. Even one High School, they didn’t build. Armitage was not build by them; it was built by the traditional rulers,” Jammeh said.

Mr. Jammeh said he is so far satisfied with Gambia’s pace of economic and infrastructural development.  He said his regime has performed way better than the British, and the thirty years Jawara administration combined.

“Thirty years of Jawara, we have fewer storey buildings. There was only Central Bank,” Jammeh said adding that fishermen now owns luxurious storey buildings in The Gambia. He wondered what kind of development the west is talking about.

Mr. Jammeh shifted his discussion to the nation’s domestic politics. He told his followers that his tour is not political. He also said that he is not going to campaign in this year’s election season.

“For twenty one years, you want to compare me with people who cannot even give you a loaf of bread. So for Allah’s sake, I am not politicking.  I don’t want anyone to talk about politics throughout the tour. Can an elephant be afraid of an ant? If an ant, is making noise over an elephant, just ignore him,” Jammeh mocks the opposition.  

He also promised to reward ten thousand dalasi to any member of the crowd, who would come forward to say that he, or she has receive a bag of rice from the opposition since he Jammeh came to power. No one showed up to collect Jammeh’s ten thousand reward.

The Gambia leader also said he is not opposed to multiparty democracy. But he pointed out that he is not going to condone agents of violence in The Gambia.

“You have a right to join any political party. You can vote for anyone you want. Bu no one has the right to join a group of hate mongers; that hate themselves, hate Africa and they are salves to the west. They want to destabilize this country. If you join that group, you will regret why you are born on the face of this earth. Just join them and see,” he warns.

The 2016, elections according to Jammeh is choosing between development and backwardness.

“Elections are very important for me to know those who want backwardness and development.  Tomorrow they can say whatever they want on the internet, but if the west have any objection to what I am saying let them confront me,” Jammeh remarked. He also accused the west of fueling wars and conflicts in African rich nations.

Mr. Jammeh also commented on the Syrian war. He accused the west of ravaging Syria. He calls out France and Washington during his speech. Jammeh said the terrorist caught with a Syrian passport during the Paris terror attacks was a planted passport.  He said the same west refusing to accept Syrian refugees, particularly France, used to claim to be friends of Syria. But today, according to Jammeh, Syria, has been isolated by the west.

Jammeh said The Gambia is going to be an exception to  the western alleged plots to destabilize his government. He said he will rather die than to allow Gambian children fleeing to the west, seeking for refugee status because of instability. Jammeh vows to crush any opposition protest.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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