Gambia: This is what dictators do in their last moments of existence


They always try to show the world that they are popular in their country and would display like a child denied a toy or on a happy birthday. The Gambian security forces numbers more than 5000 personnel whiles only a handful of about 200 of them are ready to die or do his dirty works. The majority of the security forces are there to earn a salary and go home. They are not at war with the ordinary citizen and deep down in their heart they don’t like what their drunken and stupid comrades are doing to their people. They too are mourning and deeply disapproving the actions of their fellows but little power do they have to stop them whiles being on the orders of official security thugs. In times of cracking down on innocent citizens one gets the impression that it is the whole army and police that are out in the streets beating and arresting people. No, it is only a small group willing to sell their souls to the devil that display brutality whiles back in the office they immorally claim their pittances for their brutal actions to make their boss happy.

When the dictator moves around in the country, one has the impression that, it over one million people moving with him. Yaya Jammeh cannot pull more 3000 people in any of his gatherings while the over 1.5 million citizens are somewhere else taking care of their business. These photo ops can be misleading and discouraging but this is what childish and irresponsible Jammeh try to show the world that he is love by his people. The 1.5 millions unseen citizens that hate Yaya Jammeh dearly are nowhere to be seen. Since they are unarmed, they cannot just jump on the 3000 sycophants following Jammeh, guarded by guns like mad dogs, hungry for a bone to be thrown by the dictator at each stopover. One gets the impression that the whole country is behind the dictator while such case is far from the truth. We have seen Colonel Muhammad Gadhafi’s last meetings with the Libyans people when he said, “ My people loves me”. Where is he now?

Yaya Jammeh is in his last days, he is struggling to exist with the rest of his armed and unarmed sycophants, he is trying to show that he is in control while every right thinking person knows that his last theatre drama are coming to a close. Yaya Jammeh cannot and will not survive the tsunami of isolation, pressure and threats that he faces each day. He must display the opposite of what he truly feels and sees each day. He is fighting a lost battle, which he and his sycophants cannot win. Yaya Jammeh wants the Gambians to burn the country in ashes, to destroy the meager existing infrastructure and businesses; he wants the citizens to start from zero after he is gone. Allah will not accept that because of one single miscreant bent of destroying the citizenry and the country just because his time is up. Gambians deserve more than that for our 22 years of patience and endurances.

During his last trip to Turkey, Jammeh took over two dozens suitcases full of cash dollars to stash away. His entourage never saw this amount of money taken away by Yaya Jammeh in any of his travels ever. Did he smell the end and saving his last dollars? You guess.

Jammeh’s demise will come from within the army and the police, they will one day take their courage and use their guns against Jammeh and his security sycophants whiles the civilians will provide the moral support. It will happen sooner than Jammeh thinks. In a struggle between a dictator and his people, none will doubt that eventually the people will win.

Jammeh is indeed a wounded dictator and must display recklessness and false pride until he is gone for GOOD.

Written By A Concerned Gambian


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