Gambia: Why Is Fatou Bensouda, The ICC Chief Prosecutor, Still Silent About The Crimes Yahya Jammeh Is Commuting ?

Pa, as Yaya Jammeh’s onslaught on unarmed civilian protesters continues to receive world wide condemnation, the eerily deafening silence of Gambian-born Chief Prosecutor is raising serious concerns about her credibility when her mandate at the ICC include genocide, rape, torture, government  murder, enforced disappearance sexual slavery and apartheid. It is deeply frustrating to observe the hypocrisy of Mrs. Bensouda in carrying her work of bringing those African leaders who can commit any serious crimes against their people with impunity.
If Fatou Bensouda can pay a visit to Guinea in 2009 in connection with the killing of unarmed peaceful protesters who were murdered by the soldiers of the former junta leader, Moussa Daddis Camara, that took place on 28 September 2009; I see no reason why the ruthless torture of some of the UDP political demonstrators( who were also engaged in a peaceful demonstration against the controversial electoral  reforms) should not be a matter for urgent investigation by the ICC. 
The harrowing details of the atrocious murder of Solo Sandeng in the hands of the NIA revealed in a sworn affidavit by Nogoi Njie. one of the victims of prolonged torture by Jammeh’s jugulars, has provided enough substantive evidence to warrant an investigation by the ICC that was vehemently condemned by Human rights bodies, the EU Parliament and even the UN Secretary General  added his voice in the condemnation of the brutal force that was used to arrest and detain the UDP protesters. Even the Ecowas and the UNCHR have also issued a strong statement criticizing the Gambian leader’s human rights violations.
During her interview with the New African magazine on 28 January 2014, eighteen months after she took office, Mrs. Bensouda said , “ I am resolute in ensuring that politics and extraneous considerations have no place, and will play no part, in the decisions I take as chief prosecutor.” Gambians are now waiting to see what she will do the bring Yaya Jammeh to account for all the atrocities he has been, and is continuing, to commit against his own people.
She took the oath of office to conduct herself in a manner befitting the status of international civil servants, displaying the highest standards of integrity, independence, impartiality professionalism and confidentiality. The enormity of the crimes committed by one of the world most vicious dictators fits the  ICC’s definition of crimes against humanity. It is enablers like Fatou Bensouda that is why Jammeh continues to commit crimes with impunity. 
Written By A Concerned Gambian
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