Gambia: Dictator Jammeh’s Illegitimate Son, Who Lives In The State House is Exposed


Dictator Yaya Jammeh is a sexual pervert and child rapist. Gambian people really need to know the type of leader they have currently at State House.  Since 1994, Jammeh has brought in moral decadence and low life to the office of presidency. Jammeh has been abusing Gambian women for his sexual satisfaction and political interest. Closed to one thousand women are sexually abused, harassed, raped, threatened and intimidated by Jammeh since 1994. This includes both Gambians and Non-Gambians alike.

But the worst victims of  Dictator Jammeh’s sexual exploitation are young vulnerable girls, who are raped while they are falsely promised with scholarship. Their parents are also threatened in the process by Jammeh’s henchmen. Jammeh has been ordering prostitutes from South America for a long time. Some of these foreign girls came to the Gambia under the pretext that they are massage therapists, podiatrists, Make up artists and musicians .They lived in State House, when the First lady is away to deceive the state guard solider and those  who are closed to Jammeh..

For the record, Gambian people should know that Dictator Jammeh and the so called First lady, are not in any marriage life. Their relationship is fake to deceive the Gambian people.

MAJORITY of female senior government officers, who are either ministers or directors are sexually abused by the Dictator. These females must meet the requirement that they must fulfill Jammeh’s sexual gratification. Before their appointments, Jammeh must have sex with these ministers. 

The protocol girls at State House  face daily sexual abuse, harassment and intimidation. Ninety percent of Protocol girls were sexually abused and raped by Jammeh as employment requirement prior to hiring and they continue to be abused by him during the course of their employment. There are some who are not even paid but occasionally were offered money and sexually abused. 

Few years ago, there was a beautiful Fula protocol girl, who was impregnated by Jammeh and she later had a baby boy named YAYA JAMMEH. This boy is six years old and currently live in Marina House at State House in Banjul. For those Gambians, who did not know Marina House, a Marina House is a mansion built by Jammeh and is located at Statehouse for his family use. Dictator Jammeh’s illegitimate child named Yaya Jammeh live with Jimbey Jammeh and other Jammeh’s sisters at Marina House. The mother of this child was killed through poison after her dispute with the Dictator. Her death is a mystery to her family.

During the trial of Alhagie ceesay’s, two girls who escaped were also raped by the Dictator, when they worked as protocol officers at state House. In fact one of the girls was living with Jimbey Jammeh at Marina house prior to the arrest of Alhagie Ceesay. This girl and her family were hypnotized by Jammeh and he lied to the family that he will take care of the girl by providing her scholarship. Jammeh sexually abused this poor girl and held her hostage for a very long time at Marina House before she escaped.

Some of Dictator Jammeh’s security guards were also the victims of his sexual exploitation while some are beneficiaries.  King Papa, who is the personal protection officer to Jammeh and he is the one who sleeps next to Jammeh’s bedroom, was a beneficiary. King Papa’s wife was given to him by Jammeh . His wife used to have sexual relationship with Dictator Jammeh before Jammeh passed her over to King Papa.

General Saul Badgie was also a beneficiary of Jammeh’s sexual and financial benevolence.  General Saul Badjie’s current wife was snatched from a state Guard solider. This particular solider was a junior solider whose wife used to bring him lunch (food) and visit.

It was during this visits to her husband that General Saul Badjie followed this beautiful lady and with the influence and help of Dictator Jammeh, the couple divorced three months after their marriage. The lady was pressured to divorce her husband. Three months after the divorced of this couple, General Saul Badjie Married this beautiful  lady  as his current wife. The husband of this divorced lady was fired from the military and he now live in exile.

Gambian people should know that we have a sexual pervert and predatory who is masquerading as a true and honest leader. Jammeh is a child rapist and molester. He needs to be stopped before it is too late.

Written By An Insider

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