Gambia: Lt. Bekai Sidebeh, And Wo1 Lamin LYB Jammeh Absconded, Following The Harassment Of Mandinka Officers In The Army!


Due to the ongoing intimidation of Mandingka officers, spearheaded by the minority tribe Jolla officers led army, and government, this medium can authoritatively report that there is a mass exodus of Mandingka officers from The Gambia, in fear of their personal safety and lives. One top officer, has absconded from the jurisdiction of The Gambia, following constant harassment and intimidation he suffered in the hands of Yahya Jammeh’s bullies in the army. The Mandingka officers have complained about being constantly insulted and ridiculed by Jollas officers claiming to be loyal to Gambia’s De Facto dictator Yahya Jammeh. The harassment followed the recent opposition showdown spearheaded by the main opposition United Democratic Party. The Kanilai monster has convinced himself that the Mandingkas are after his head. He also concluded that the UDP is a Mandinka dominated political party.

Highly placed State House sources have reported about the absconding of Lieutenant Bekai Sidebeh, of the GAF Military police. Lt. Sidebeh is a Mandinka, Kaur, native officer. He is a former Gendarmerie personnel. He had undergone Commando training while with the Gendarmerie. He was later moved to the army, following the disbandment of the Gendarmerie. He worked under Yahya Jammeh, while Jammeh was the Commander of the Military police.

According to sources familiar with Bekai’s story, the military police officer, could not withstand the ongoing persecution of his ethnic group by the Jolla dominated officers. He was said to have raised his voice when one of the Jolla army personnel insulted the Mandingkas.

Little did Bekai knew that he was likely to pay a heavy price for denouncing the ethnic bigotry in the army.  Sources said Bekai, reportedly received a phone call from Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team called the jungulars threatening him. The officer could not keep up with the repeated death threats he received from the jungullars. Hence, he decided to flee the Gambia.

It would be recalled that officer Bekai Sidebeh’s brother was among the soldiers killed during the Farafenni attack some years ago. Bekai is a graduate of Kaur Secondary School.

In another development, another non-commission soldier Lamin LYB Jammeh, has absconded. Mr. Jammeh is a Chief Clerk at the GAF Camp Headquarters. He is a native of Kombo Brikama.  He works under Baboucarr Sanyang.  He is a Jolla, although he was raised in a Mandinka dominated community Brikama. The circumstances surrounding his absconding is not clear. 

Commander Baboucarr Sanyang, has been accused of harassing Mandinka serving officers and soldiers. This is evident during a recent army parade at Yundum, where he headed the army Engineering Unit. Mr. Sanyang, has openly threatened the Mandingka officers serving under his command, sources said.

Both Bekai Sidebeh, and LYB Jammeh have been reported AWOL.  AWOL means absent from work without leave or permission.  Bekai Sidibeh, was the officer Commanding the military police at the Army Headquarters. The army has since declared him AWOL.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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