Gambia: Gambia: Bodyguards From Kuwait For Jammeh’s Personal Security!


Pa, did you notice the red-beret body guard behind Yaya Jammeh’s picture? He is part of a highly trained soldiers numbering 320 who are due from Kuwait to be the new Presidential Guards for Yaya Jammeh. This arrangement was concluded during the last visit of Madame Zeinab Jammeh to Kuwait and Morocco in April 2016. 

They are going to be responsible for the personal security for Yaya Jammeh and his entire family and will have no reporting relationship to any of Jammeh’s army commanders. They will be directly answerable to the Jammehs.

Right now arrangements are being made to house them in Bakau near mile 7 area. The government of Yaya Jammeh will only be responsible for their accommodation and living expenses, all the rest will be provided by the Government of Kuwait. 

This is one of many benefits Jammeh is expecting to gain from the Arab League of nations for making the Gambia an Islamic state. With no end in sight for the border conflict with Senegal and the tense political climate in the country with this year being an election year, Yaya Jammeh is ready to mortgage the liberty of Gambians for his own personal security. 

Written By An Insider

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