Gambia: Gambia’s Opposition Leader And His Co Accused Persons To Reappear In Court On Thursday; Case Might Be Transferred To Mansakonko!


The criminal trial of Gambia’s opposition leader Ousainou Darboe, and his co accused persons have been adjourned to Thursday, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The case has been reassigned to a new judge, following the withdrawal of the De Facto judge, from the politically motivated case. The Cameroonian born judge rescued himself from the case after making comments outside the court in regards to the said case, which legal luminaries deemed prejudicial. Hence, he was replaced by a female Nigerian judge.

The new judge overseeing the case of Darboe and co refused to allow the accused persons to remain sited while their case was being heard on Monday. The judge ordered that the accused persons must stand all the time that they were in court.

The Defense and the Prosecution led by DPP Bakum had a heated argument in court. While Lawyer Antouman Gaye and his legal team argued that the matter should start afresh, in the interest of justice, DPP Bakum maintains that the judge should proceed from where her predecessor stops. This address of Bakum, attracted a legal firework in court. The defense categorically rejected his proposition.

The matter was adjourned to Thursday. Reports have it that the deranged Kanilai monster is working with his legal mercenaries behind closed doors so that the case of Darboe and co could be transferred to Mansakonko, or elsewhere in the countryside. The planned move is aimed at frustrating protesters showing up in court to sympathize with Darboe and co. Once the case is transferred, Jammeh thinks that the city would be free of protest marches.

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