The Gambia/Senegal border closure debacle has been amicably resolved, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The border is finally reopened from the Senegalese side of the border. Gambian vehicles can now cross to Senegal, without being blocked by the transport union.

The move followed an undertaking made by the Jammeh regime to commence the construction of the Bamba-Tenda/Ellitenda bridge. Senegal is now convinced that Jammeh will this time around honor his part of the bargain by constructing long awaited bridge.

GRTS newscast monitored late Monday, evening stated that the materials purchased to be used for the proposed bridge have arrived. The regime also said work on the proposed bridge would commence henceforth.


It would be recalled that one of the conditions made by the Senegalese government for the reopening of the border was for the commencement of the ADB sponsored multi-million dollars bridge project. Both the Macky government and the Senegalese Transport Union have stressed the need for the said bridge project to be executed without any further delays.

Gambia’s Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye reassured her Senegalese counterpart that The Gambia would honor her part of the proposed bridge. This has resulted to the reopening of the border.

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