Gambia: State Secrets: Jammeh Issues Directive For Darboe And Co Not Be Released Until After Ramadan


A top judicial source has said that dictator Yahya Jammeh has given instructions for the leader of the main opposition United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe, and his co accused persons not to be granted bail until further notice. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity stated that the deranged Kanilai, monster, wants the court case to be dragged until after Ramadan, when he will finally issue directives as to whether bail should be granted or not. The judicial source said the directive was communicated to the judge overseeing the matter.

“Mr. Darboe and his co accused persons will spend Ramadan in prison. Yahya Jammeh has issued an order for bail to be denied to the accused persons, until further notice. This case is going to drag for months. The judge presiding over the case takes directives from Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh personally handpicked her after he asked the former judge to step aside,” said our source.

“This country is a nation of jungle law. Yahya Jammeh, decides who should be bailed and denied bail. The former judge assigned to Darboe’s case, is considering leaving the country. He was summoned for questioning. Jammeh cursed him on the phone. He also communicated threats against the judge. If he is not declared persona Grata, he must be very lucky. The entire judiciary is under panic mood. The lawyers representing Darboe and co are just wasting their time. At the end of the day, justice will not be served fairly. The Registrar of the court can attest to the fact that the CJ was fired because of Darboe and co’s case. Jammeh has special interest in this case,” he added.

According to sources, Yahya Jammeh, has been on the phone with the new judge assigned to hear Darboe and co’s case. Telecommunication records accessed by a senior GAMTEL insider have confirmed that the trial judge has been talking to the Kanilai monster. Both new judge and Mama Singhateh are on Jammeh’s payroll. He has offered them millions just to mess with the lives of the detainees.

Justice Minister Mama Singhateh was also summoned for a meeting by Jammeh. During that meeting, the duo discussed the need for the new judge to impose lengthy custodial sentences against the UDP detainees.  Darboe might suffer the fate of Baba Jobe if his supporters fail to come to his rescue by rendering the country ungovernable.

The lawyers representing Ousainou Darboe and co should also bear in mind that Yahya Jammeh has assigned his secrets agents to monitor their phone records, and movements within the country. There is a special task force assigned to monitor the defense team, according to our State House source.

“Jammeh has also given directive to monitor all the lawyers representing the protesters. This case is similar to the late Baba Jobe’s case. Lawyers representing the detainees should be aware of their surroundings. They should not welcome strangers into their cars,  homes, and offices. They should also not walk alone at night. Jammeh has blacklisted them. He calls them enemies of the state,” our source said.

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