Gambia: Central Bank Insider Says Yahya Jammeh Steals Over D40 Million From A CBG Gov’t Account In May!


A senior bank account manager at the Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG), has disclosed that the bank was instructed by dictator Yahya Jammeh to release twenty three million dalasis (D23 Million) to his financial foot soldiers, on the first day of Jammeh’s nationwide tour. The insider said he is privy to the monetary withdrawal. The money was taken from a special account without following the bank’s rules and regulations, the insider tells the Freedom Newspaper.

The Central Bank of The Gambia has been Yahya Jammeh’s financial basket. Donors funds channeled to the CBG, including funds from the African Development Bank (ADB) loans meant for national development are being misused by the deranged Kanilai dictator. The CBG Governor Amadou Colley has been aiding Jammeh in his thievery of state coffers.

According to the CBG insider, the money that Jammeh has been lavishly distributing among students, and his supporters during his tour comes from that CBG account. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank should take note of Jammeh’s plundering of the CBG funds. This is a nation faced with an economic crunch, but that never stops Jammeh from stealing money from the CBG.

It appears that Jammeh has finished spending the D23 Million dalasis that he has earlier received from the CBG. Our CBG insider source said Jammeh has once again instructed the CBG on Tuesday, May, 24th 2016, to release another twenty three million dalasis (D23 Million) to his financial foot soldiers. The CBG Governor Amadou Colley, wasted no in releasing the funds. Jammeh’s financial foot soldiers collected D23 million dalasis from the Bank ahead of his fifty one birthday celebrations. That’s the money Jammeh is using to waste during his festive fanfare birthday.

CBG insiders have confirmed about the two separate financial transactions perpetrated by dictator Yahya Jammeh, together with Governor Amadou Colley. These funds are public funds, and yet Jammeh is forcing the bank to release millions to him, said the insider.

Written By Karafa Badjie

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