Gambia: The Soldier Drops A Bombshell, As Jammeh Celebrates His 51, Birthday With Regional Prostitutes; Coup Is Imminent In The Gambia!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write my able boss. My boss, a lot has happened since the last time we reported from DCC. The various DCC agents from all the regions have submitted their reports on the failed “Image Making Tour “. The so called tour is a complete failure, there was drama everywhere. Monster Jammeh is not healthy as usual and canceled 80% of his meetings and he was always acting strange, paranoid and unpredictable.

Whilst departing Banjul to Barra. monster Jammeh forced all the security heads to board the same navy vessel with him, this is the first time this has happened. The security heads normally don’t cross, but dictator Jammeh is so afraid; he crossed with them on the same vessel and there were soldiers armed heavily armed everywhere. Monster Jammeh was so afraid he was giving money to the soldiers, students and everyone around the ferry terminal.

Once again, he thinks that he can use money to make people like him. Dictator Jammeh seized almost 90% of government vehicles which are still being used. There are a lot of government officials who are struggling to go to work because their vehicles have been seized. Dictator Jammeh was supposed to spend 14 days prior to traveling back to Kanilai, but he only spent 1 night at Farafeni, 1 night at Basse and he normally spends 4 nights at Basse, and 4 night at Janjanbureh. This is the shortest tour ever and this is an indication of troubling times, he did not hold meetings at major towns and villages. Monster Jammeh is so sick now that he is using “makeup” to cover some of the marks on his face, neck and hands. Dictator Jammeh do you want to deny that you are using make up for cover up, TIME WILL TELL? Do you want DCC to tell Gambians where devil Zeinab is buying the makeup and brush?

Fellow Gambians, during the tour certain businessmen without mentioning their names were forced to contribute immensely, chiefs/alkalos were forced to provide bulls, fuel, rams, etc. After they provided all these to monster Jammeh, he resorted to insulting some of his top supporters and blaming them for the low turnout. Everywhere they go, you only see the same green green boys who traveled with him.  And embedded with the green green boys are members of the Cassamance rebels who are there to protect him in case of emergency. Dictator Jammeh does not trust his own security anymore, he is using foreigners to protect him, and this is all devil Zeinab’s idea. The majority of the soldiers are not armed anymore, only the loyalists and foreigners have weapons with them.

During the tour monster Jammeh was constantly talking with Salif Sajo, the Cassamance rebel leader, who was assuring him that his rebels will protect him all the time. Also according to a reliable DCC agent, the Guinean president, has advised monster Jammeh to step down and not contest in the coming election but he refused. He was also advised to release all the UDP members and supporters and he vehemently refused. Monster Jammeh will not release UDP members and will convict them after the election, they will drag the case until after the election.

The Guinean president warned monster Jammeh that it is highly possible that he monster Jammeh and his top aides will soon be sanctioned and cannot travel. Dictator Jammeh was furious when he heard this, he made many calls and was shouting to many people.

During the tour, he met with council of elders and political heads telling them that they should start standing up and shouting that he monster Jammeh is the emperor of the world.  Monster Jammeh cannot deny that he has not been asked to not contest in the election and to step down, he felt offended by the Guinean president, who was advising him as a brother. For now, dictator Jammeh, has once again resorted to spiritual leaders asking them to do everything possible so that he can remain in power. Monster Jammeh is also bluffing that if sanctioned, he will expel all western people from the Gambia.

DCC can confirm to you that many people from Wuli have been arrested and detained at Mile-2, DCC do not know why they were arrested but all this happened during the tour. Monster Jammeh refused to have even one meeting at LRR, he was supposed to have two meetings at CRR and he canceled both meetings, and this is all due to health reasons.

During the tour, monster Jammeh, surrounded himself with Nigerian comedians and Ethiopian prostitutes. He is using the Nigerian comedians to attract Gambians on the tour. These Nigerian comedians are celebrities in the Gambia and people will follow them everywhere. This is monster Jammeh at his best, bring stars and popular people around him so that there will be large crowd with him.  As DCC files this report, there are a lot of prostitutes in Kanilai, they are everywhere. The birthday celebration is almost ending and moster Jammeh is here presiding over a musical Jamboree whilst many Gambians cannot afford to have one good meal the entire day.

But fellow Gambians, something unusual and dramatic happened in Kanilai. Devil Zeinab boycotted monster Jammeh’s birthday celebration upon seeing the Nigerian and Ethiopian women. Monster Jammeh was surrounded by Nigerian movie stars and this fumed devil Zeinab. After a bitter argument with dictator Jammeh, devil Zeinab suddenly left Kanilai and went back to Banjul. Devil Zeinab DCC has been warning you about this for a long time. The entire state house is full of women, just look under your bed and the “slaughter house”, you will find clues everywhere. But you don’t care, all you care is about robbing Gambians. Fellow Gambians, only the Gambia has a head of state, who declares a holiday on his birthday and parties with prostitutes all the time. Dictator Jammeh is a foolish head of state and has nothing to deliver to Gambians.

As reported earlier on this paper, there is high tension at state house and the ordinary Gambian cannot sense this. There are multiple sinister threats everywhere and they are becoming more apparent. The situation is worsening by the minute and there is an internal turmoil everywhere in the army. Dictator Jammeh executed a directive to certain people to find out who can be a potential munity soldier, he can sense and smell it but do not know where it will come from.

To counter this, dictator Jammeh is empowering people like Borra Colley, Suwanding Camara, Joseph Bassen and others to plot against Saul Badjie. Saul Badjie, DCC is warning you that there is constant surveillance team following you, they even captured pictures of you receiving money from a Lebanese, do you want to deny this incident? DCC is privy to a lot of sensitive information. Monster Jammeh is going to pacify and promote a lot of soldiers who will ultimately get rid of you, TIME WILL TELL. Monster Jammeh’s government is on life support and can die any time. In the meantime, monster Jammeh is creating more tribal rivalries by telling Jolas that they should monitor every Mandinka who is in the army. Dictator Jammeh even said that he will make sure that there will be no more Mandinka president, he can entertain another tribe but not Mandinka, he said this Gambians. Is monster Jammeh not a divisive careless leader? Dictator Jammeh also have another play card where he is planning to secede Foni from the Gambia and annex to Cassamance, he made this promise to Salif Sajo the Cassamance rebel leader, this is how he is fooling this man. Instead of starting a defreedomization process and stepping down, dictator Jammeh is looking for ways of not only bringing Gambia to its knee but divide the country and cause tribal war. But DCC can assure Gambians that there are few extraordinary people who will do the right thing at the right time during these extraordinary times, WATCH AND SEE.


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