Gambia: Why Is The APRC Losing Popularity Amongst Youths Of The Gambia, Especially The Rural Youths?


The Gambians are especially youths and more specifically the rural youths losing faith in the APRC politicians not because of the president, but the politicians on the ground and some government officials who used the political powers vested on to them through the APRC party to ripoff people, sells lands and maltreat the people.

Local government authorities are desperately selling people’s lands, canteens and some chiefs selling state owned land as if they are the owners. They will do this and if anybody stands against them, they will brand you as an opposition and sometime threatened to luck you up. They will send wrong information to the authorities and if the person is not very careful is send to Janjabureh prisons.

These people should know that The President Dr. Alh. Yahya AJ.J. Jammeh, has come with an everlasting hope for the Gambia, Africa and in fact the whole world. This everlasting hope for the Gambia is not only when he is here but a legacy that will continue until the end of times. These unscrupulous Area Council Authorities (CEOs) together with some Chiefs are doing nothing but to fill their pockets, threatened the people thereby causing people to be angry with the APRC. In fact, they are the real opposition of the APRC. The president perfectly know that the Gambian people loves him and want him to stay here until Allah takes him away, but Gambian people wants his legacy also to stay for more than 100 million years.

We all know that the President will not live for millions of years that long but what he meant is that he will inculcate an ideology into Gambians that will remain forever. The ideology of freedom from external rule, freedom of colonial rule, reorientation and hard work; to believe in Allah, and not to depend on the west. This ideology, has to be filtered down to generation through political emancipation and reorientation through the APRC.

This will be hard to achieve because the people are losing faith in the party local representatives. The reason why people are following the APRC is because of the love for the President, but not for these people. The President has to conduct an independent investigation inside the party and make a country wide consultation with the youths and hear them out. He might not know what is going on inside the party and some of the actions of the chiefs and local government authorizes.

A man hits his brother to near death and pull his private part. He was arrested and later bailed by the party authorizes in his village because he is an APRC militant and the president is coming to Jarra and he is mobilizer. The people got angry, but they cannot do anything about it because he is an APRC Militant. So those people who bailed him are they doing harm or good to the Party?

Soma youths and Gambian business community are angry towards the Chief, Area Council Chairman and some local government authorities because the chief is involved in a lot of land grabbing; selling plots on the highway which he claims as his with the help of the Council Chairman. The Council Chairman recently facilitated a bail for a Councilor, who embezzled village community money amounting to D600, 00.00.

The Chairman and the Council authority sold the recently built CILIP canteen meant to help the youths to mainly foreigners: Nigerians, Mauritanians and Senegalese. Gambians are denied access to the shops. Only the deputy women mobilizer, who is said to be the wife of the chief forcefully opened shop No.6 and give it to young Gambians to make a sewing shop. The people who used to occupy that place are mainly Gambians but none of them were given a shop to operate on or they are thrown behind the newly built shops.

 If the president can observe when he came to Soma, he received less welcome. Most of the people went to Pakalinding to wait for him there. That is a sign of anger toward the chief and the Council Chairman. People totally lost faith in them. The president should send in an independent investigation team to all the regions to make independent investigations on Area Councils and the Chiefs. What is going on will bring in lot of problem in regions. The council chairman obtained money from people and sometime cannot fulfill his promises and these people will be afraid to talk. A Nigerian man paid him a lot of money and he gave him a shop exactly once occupied by a Gambian business man.

With all above, do these people think that Yahya Jammeh will be blamed for such an action? The people of Soma, know that you do this because you are APRC militants and you are voted into office through APRC ticket but Yahya is not responsible for all what you are doing and in fact he will never condone your actions as such people have totally differentiated everything that is why most people went to Pakalinding junction to welcome the president there.

My message to these people is that: No matter what you do, your plans will never work as the President always says to the enemies. APRC will forever reign and the truth shall prevail and you actions will be noticed very soon by the President and we all know how truthful and straight forward he is. 

Written By A Concerned Gambian APRC Supporter

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