Gambia: Mariama Juwara Aka Sibo Gambia President Yaya Jammeh The Gambia Dictator


President Yaya Jammah is a Gambian by accident in our midst. This is the greatest deplorable and troublesome struggle confronting the innocent people of the tiny impoverished West African nation, The Gambia for a price we are all urged to pay for in every breath of our lives. President Yaya Jammeh your only job before July 22 1994, was to wear a military camouflage and to arm yourself with an AK47 riffle provided from the tax payers’ money. You signed an oath with The Gambia government to protect the sovereignty of our beloved country and her people from any forms of aggression and insurgence.

Unfortunately, you betrayed the trust that the state bestowed upon you and you turned out to be the most indiscipline and disloyal solder the Gambia Arm Forces (GAF) ever recruited. You were a disgruntled solder, who had ever felt marginalized by the society because you realized that you did not belong to us in a way and that there was nobody to stand for you.

On that note, you accumulated grudges against any Gambian that you felt was living better than you lived. With your gross stupidity, you failed to understand how people attain the standards they live. The fact that you were mentally obsessed with poverty, tribal inferiority complex and low self-esteem; you therefore seized a cheap opportunity with your fellow unsound-minded soldiers and hijacked our democratically elected government on 22nd July 1994.

On the above note, I will not hesitate to denounce your profile as a fake Gambian bandit thirsty for Gambian blood, hungry for power and material wealth; above all, to rape our innocent young girls and beautiful light-skinned ladies. Blood stained President Yaya Jammeh, The Gambia you know before you became a rogue president in 1994 was one of Africa’s most economically and politically stable countries. Our Gambia was internationally recognized for its model democracy, human rights and rule of law hence the establishment of Human rights and Democracy bureau on our honorable soil.

Our mother Gambia was a vibrant global tourist destination that earned her a dignified title, `the smiling coast of Africa` that was symbolised with a happy face of a true Gambiam patriotic woman. Unfortunately this pride does not exist anymore in your failed regime. Instead you lure our innocent women into sex slavery, a situation they don’t deserve at all. President Yaya Jammeh you violate our constitution with your rubber-stamp parliamentarians in every breath of your life for your personal gains at the expense of the innocent Gambians.

Your police and National Intelligence Agency (NIA) frame innocent Gambians and with your machinery judges you violate their rights -jail, torture and kill them in your hell-prisons. You are always at your best when you pass others through your enablers while in your snow-white mantle with a sword and you mystify yourself with a fake book of prophesy as you hide behind Islam and crusade your subjects under absolute fear and terror. Since you became president, you only succeed in raining shame over the Gambia and Gambians.

You build fire walls between families, religious factions, tribes and political parties just to mention a few whereas ethnic cleansings, genocide and identity crises replace our national anthem. In The Gambia today we don’t know who is who? We lost all our human values as a onetime united people through your hypocrisy and double standards that you cultivate among us just for you to stay longer in power.

Finally, where is baby Isha, the one month old baby that you arrested and detained? Baby Isha’s only crime is because she is the daughter of an innocent mother, Kaddy Samateh that you illegally arrested and detained just for showing solidarity with her detained husband, Modou Fatty. Modou Fatty’s only crime among many other Gambians is because he peacefully demonstrated for electoral reforms ahead of December 2016 general elections.

On a last note, produce Solo Sandeng dead or alive whose only crime was to demonstrate peacefully for electoral reforms along with Modou Fatty, Nogoi Njie, Fatou Camara, Fatoumata Jawara and many more other detainees that you humiliate and torture in detention; the list goes on and on. Release the leader of United Democratic Party (UDP), Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and the executive members of his party and the forty-four other detainees in Jangjangbureh prisons. Goodbye presidents Yaya Jammeh as your days are numbered. It’s your time to cry blood now and our time to rejoice.

Written By Mariama Juwara (Sibo).

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