Gambia: Breaking News: Gambian Political Activists Arrived In Senegal, Ahead Of The ECOWAS Conference!


Gambian political activists based in the diaspora, have started arriving in Dakar, Senegal, ahead of what they called “a conference” to chat the way forwards towards bailing out the impoverished West African nation from the clutches of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s misrule, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The Dakar meeting according to sources is going to attract the presence of some prominent and formidable members of The Gambian struggle. Also to grace the meeting is the Senegalese pro-democracy movement Yana Marre.

The Dakar conference is likely to coincide with the upcoming ECOWAS meeting slated to take place in Senegal. Sources reaching this paper said a good number of Gambians residing in the United States have travelled to Dakar, ahead of the meeting.

The main theme of the conference is yet to be disclosed, but sources have it that the issue of liberation struggle is going to dominate the meeting. The activists are working on employing a new game plan by confronting the dictator heads on in his own backyard, than sitting in their comfort zones overseas to propagate for political change, a source said.

With the presence of Gambian activists in Senegal ahead of the ECOWAS meeting, dictator Yahya Jammeh is likely not going to show up. Jammeh is afraid of protesters. He might not want to take the risk  of showing up in a country, where his approval ratings are appalling.

The dictator risked facing a citizen arrest if he shows up at the Dakar ECOWAS meeting. It is the duty of Senegal to provide him with security, but the crowd on the ground might be defiant.

According to sources, some Senegalese citizens are also working on organizing a protest in collaboration with The Gambians on the ground to accord an embarrassing reception for the Kanilai monster. Sources said Senegalese are also equally concerned about the dangers of having Jammeh as a President in The Gambia.


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