Gambia: Editorial: Fatou Bom Bensouda Is Not Qualified To Serve As An ICC Chief Prosecutor


The inept ICC Chief Prosecutor, and former Jammeh enabler Fatou Bom Bensouda, has once again exposes her total ignorance and lack of comprehension of her mandate as a prosecutor, when she told a Dakar based West African Radio that the ICC is not a human rights court. That was a flat out blatant lie on the side of Ms. Bensouda, by making such a condescending and misleading claims. The ICC is indeed a human rights court. The ICC was set up under the premise of litigating cases relating to human rights. Genocide, and crimes against humanity all fall under the purview of human rights. What is she talking about?

If the ICC is not a human rights court, then what type of court is the ICC Madam Bensouda? You don’t mean to tell us that the ICC doesn’t investigate and prosecute human rights offenders on the continent. What an inept prosecutor. She is absurd so to speak!

Besosouda is no doubt an ambiguous Chief Prosecutor, who thinks that she can hide under the disguise of prosecuting genocidal perpetrators to the extent of downplaying the suffering of her native Gambian countrymen, and women. She even claimed in that interview she had with Sheriff Bojang jrn, that for the ICC, to be able to act on a given country, there must be a massive death toll. She talks about over four hundred people mascaraed in Brundi, compared to the Gambian situation.

The last time we checked, the ICC hasn’t put in place a barometer or any blueprint document, spelling out the actual number of citizens to be killed before the court would act. Therefore, it is unethical and dishonest on the part of Ms. Bensouda to make such irresponsible comments.

Ms. Bensouda has been constrained to comment on Jammeh’s crimes against Gambians, largely because of her past affiliation with the dictator. She was the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, when Jammeh ordered for the killing of one his former closest confidants in the person Lieutenant Almamo Manneh. Ms. Bensouda, personally visited the Yundum Barracks, to see the remains of Almamo Manneh, after he was executed by the trigger happy Jammeh soldiers. Mr. Manneh’s body was never handed to his family for decent burial. He was buried at the Yundum barracks.

As the former Attorney General, Ms. Bensouda never advise the dictator to hand over Almamo’s body to his family. She also never resigned when the regime extra-judicially executed Mr. Manneh, without legal sanctions.

Ms. Bensouda made an interesting remark during that interview that: she doesn’t want to see what happened in Burundi, to happen in The Gambia. The killing of Ebrima Sandeng, the rapping of the UDP women, and torture, doesn’t constitute a crime against humanity based on her condescending remarks. She sounded as if the Gambian political crisis is not that bad to warrant her intervention.

We sometime wonder how Ms. Bensouda secured her job with the ICC. Perhaps, her former boss Yahya Jammeh and some gullible African Heads of State paved the way for her employment with the ICC.  An intelligent legal mind and prosecutor, should not just be talking loosely like she does.

In as much as Ms. Bensouda wants to appease the Kanilai dictator, she should be mindful of her pronouncements. Her recent statement will no doubt arm Jammeh with more ammunition. Jammeh is now convinced that the ICC, will not go after him, as long as his indiscriminate killing of Gambians, doesn’t reach the four hundred threshold mentioned by Bensounda during that interview. What a pathetic state of affairs.

The other day, Yahya Jammeh told a French Magazine, that the killing of one Gambian opposition member, doesn’t warrant an international outcry. Jammeh also said people normally die during interrogations and therefore his government doesn’t owe any explanation to the world.

Since the ICC prosecutor has demonstrated her gross incompetence, and lack of impartiality in the discharge of her duties, in view of her recent remarks, it is imperative for the ICC court to take note of Bensouda’s interview. This lady needs to be carefully scrutinized before she would send wrong people to jail. Her recent interview confirms her lack of competence as a prosecutor. Fatou Bom Bensouda is not qualified to serve as an ICC Chief Prosecutor, in view of the compelling arguments articulated above. We rest our case.

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