Gambia: Musa Sarr Sold To Jammeh, As Senegalese Official Introduced Musa Sarr To His Gambian Security Agents Attackers


Hours after he survived an assassination attempt on his life, facts have started resurfacing in regards to the people behind the incident, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Ex- Gambian soldier Musa Sarr, who is currently admitted at a Dakar, hospital, while nursing the injuries he sustained during the failed attempt on his life by Jammeh’s agents, reports have it that Sarr, was a victim of  set up. Sarr was reportedly set up to be killed by Gambian security masquerading as opponents of the dictatorship in Banjul. 

SARRR THREESources familiar with Sarr’s story, have intimated that the Nuimi born native, was working with some Gambians residing overseas, in an attempt to launch an operation in The Gambia, through a Senegalese government official handler. Mr. Sarr, was introduced to the Senegalese official concerned, who in turn introduce Sarr to the men who attacked him. The unsuspecting Musa Sarr, never knew that the men he was hanging out with in Dakar, were Gambian security officials on a covert mission—assigned to take his life.

Mr. Sarr, who is a trained Commando, later developed trust with the “Gambian strangers” he was introduced to by The Senegalese official. Sarr had met the men on different occasions.

As reported in our earlier story, the Gambian security officials rented an apartment in the suburbs of Dakar, which they used as a safe-house to lure Mr. Musa Sarr into the apartment. He was drinking the local Senegalese brew “attaya” with the men in the rented apartment. That’s where Sarr was physically attacked by one of the men. Sarr then fell on the ground. Sarr tried to fight back, but was almost overpowered by his attackers.  The men tried to gas him to render him unconscious. Mr. Sarr was able to escape in the hands of his attackers after breaking the window and in the process he sustained glass wounds.

Musa Sarr, told the Freedom Newspaper that he will come on air once he recovers from his wounds to explain what actually transpired. Some names associated with the Gambian struggle have surfaced during the course of our investigations. Sarr was in contact with the people concerned prior to the attack.

Reports have it that Musa Sarr was sold to Yahya Jammeh by the people he was dealing with in Senegal and overseas.  Sources say the Senegalese official concerned was very instrumental in introducing Sarr with his attackers. The official concerned is yet to be interviewed by the Senegalese police.

Mr. Sarr’s attackers are said to be at large. Sarr is helping the Senegalese security officials with their investigations.






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Below is our previous story, we published in regards to the failed attempt on Musa Sarr’s life. Please read on.


Ex- Gambian Army Lance Corporal Musa Sarr, has survived an assassination attempt, after men believed to be Gambian security agents physically attacked him in Senegal, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Sarr, who was implicated in the December, 30thcoup, sustained serious injuries on his body, as a result of the attempt on his life. Sarr, was rushed to a Dakar hospital for further medical attention.

MOUSA SARRAccording to sources, Mr. Sarr’s attackers recently rented an apartment at a home, where the former soldier resided. The new tenants from The Gambia, were said to be Gambian security agents, who were on a covert operation assignment—possibly to take the life of Musa Sarr, sources said.

The Senegalese Gendarmerie visited the scene of the crime, where Musa Sarr was interviewed before he was taken to the hospital for treatment. Musa’s landlord was also interviewed. The landlord reportedly told the Gendarmeries that the attackers recently rented an apartment from him.

When contacted for comment, Musa Sarr, confirmed that his life was indeed attempted in Senegal. Sarr said: “I am currently being attended by the hospital. I sustained injuries during the attack. Please call me back in the next thirty minutes so that I can explain what transpired.”

Musa Sarr said he recognized one of his attackers. “ I will get back to you as soon as the doctor finish attending to me. I recognize one of my attackers,” he said.

It would be recalled that Musa Sarr’s co accused persons in the failed December, 30th coup, are awaiting to serve their time in the US after they were found guilty by a Federal Court.  Sarr, who was on the run got attacked on Thursday, in Senegal, by men believed to be Gambian government security agents.

The failed assassination attempt on the life of Musa Sarr, followed dictator Yahya Jammeh’s recent threat that he was going to attack Senegal. Jammeh made the threat during an interview with a French Magazine. Barely less than a week, Jammeh made the statement, Musa Sarr got attacked in Senegal.

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