Fatou Bensouda says she has asked her team to assess the situation in Gambia


Mr. Mbai, see the link attached: Fatou Bensouda, the woman who hunts tyrants. This is Madam Bensouda’s latest interview to United Kingdom’s Guardian yesterday the 5th June 2016, where she contacted the reporter intimating that she has asked her team to assess the situation of political violence in The Gambia.  The paragraph reads:

“A few days after we meet, Bensouda emails to express her regret that she hadn’t mentioned the situation in her home country of the Gambia, where there have been violent crackdowns on civilians protesting at the regime of president Yahya Jammeh. Bensouda was formerly the country’s attorney general and minister of justice under Jammeh until he fired her in 2000. She has asked her team to assess the situation, she writes.”

This is a good move if done in good faith, by the ICC boss.  Do not wait until that time when thousands of Gambians have died to start investigations.  The evidence against Jammeh is overwhelming since 1994, as Bensouda herself will, in an extraordinary fashion, be the Prosecution’s first witness, having physically witnessed the execution of Almamo Manneh and colleagues.

As Director of Public Prosecution, Madam Bensouda knew about November 11th, 1994; the death of Koro Ceesay in 1995; the execution of the students demonstrators; Deyda Hydara; and many more extra-judicial executions.  

Gambians await.

Regards, and keep up your brilliant job to liberate our beloved Gambia.

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