Gambia: Scandal: Gambian Dictator Gives Millions And A Car To His Bissau Guinean Magistrate Secret Mistress; Slovenian Cashew Nut Investor Sleeps With Jammeh


Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh is dating a Bissau Guinean magistrate Ms. Rosa Antonia, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Ms. Antonia, was hooked up to the deranged Kanilai despot, by Abdou Jarju, the Gambian Ambassador to Guinea Bissau. Ms. Antonia used to be Jarju’s old firewood. He passed her over to Jammeh so that she can also benefit from Jammeh’s free cars, and cash to waste.

According to a close confidant of dictator Yahya Jammeh posted in Kanilai, the Guinean magistrate, has been shuttling between Bissau and The Gambia in recent times. The Jammeh confidant said Rosa, is usually accompanied by Ambassador Abdou Jarju, each time she visits Kanilai.

On April 5th, 2016, magistrate Rosa Antonia, was in Kanilai to entertain Yahya Jammeh sexually. Her visit coincides with the visit of some Slovenian investors. Among the Slovenian investors was a pretty lady, who Jammeh became in love with as soon as he sets his eyes on her.

It should be noted that the Slovenian investors came to The Gambia, following an invitation extended to them by Ambassador Abdou Jarju and Yahya Jammeh. Jarju and Jammeh had reached a cashew nut export deal with the Slovenian investors. The cashew, was supposed to be purchased from Guinea Bissau, and then exported to Slovenia.

During the Kanilai talks to finalize the Cashew nut deal with the investors, Yahya Jammeh was able to lure one of the female delegation members into romantic relationship. His Bissau Guinean magistrate girlfriend was in Kanilai, at this time as well.  Jammeh had sex with both ladies.

According to Jammeh’s guards, the Guinean magistrate Rosa Antonia, created a drama scene in Kanilai, while Jammeh was privately seeing the Slovenian investor.  She went on rampage; cursing and calling Jammeh names. She even made a remark that “Jammeh is a male prostitute.”

Ms. Antonia wasn’t happy with Jammeh at all. She said Jammeh lied to her. Jammeh had promised to give her two million dalasi (D2 million) after spending the weekend with him in Kanilai. It turns out that Jammeh gave her less than the amount he earlier promised to give her. Ms. Antonia left with half a million dalasi. She also received a brand new car from Jammeh. That’s the car published below.

Rosa 's car edited

She was still not satisfied. She told Ambassador Abdou Jarju that Jammeh is a whore, and she was not fairly compensated for her time with the dictator.  She was speaking in the Portuguese and Carrayol language during the time of her fussing.   

Despite Jammeh’s indiscriminate infidelity, Ms. Rosa Antonia, is still dating the dictator. She still visits Kanilai at month end.

The Guinean government should take note of magistrate Rosa’s activities. She is on dictator Yahya Jammeh’s payroll.

Jammeh’s Delegation From Guinea Bissau Returns

Yahya Jammeh is a paranoid dictator. During the course of the weekend, Jammeh sent a delegation to Bissau to meet his grand marabout (spiritual Godfather).  The marabout’s name is one Alieu Beyai. This is the guy, who directs the affairs of Jammeh’s rule in The Gambia. He offers prayers for the dictator and in some occasions, he would advise Jammeh to takeout charity (rituals).

Among the Bissau delegation is one Foday Badjie. Foday Badjie, works at the State House. He is a close Jammeh confidant. He handles Jammeh’s marabout errands among other things.

According to delegation sources, the dictator had instructed them to ask his marabout Alieu Beyai, to help offer him prayers so that he can stay long in office. Jammeh also wants the marabout to help liquidate his enemies before the 2016, elections by casting spiritual spell on them.

The dictator is increasingly worried about the future of his regime. He is faced with both local and international isolation.  The delegation returns to Banjul on Sunday.

Who Is Jammeh’s Biological mum?

Contrary to Jammeh’s claims that Asombi Bojang, is his biological mum, sources said Aminata Bojang, is the real mum of Jammeh, and not Asombi. Aminata Bojang, is a younger sister of Asombi Bojang. She was married to Aziz Sulayman James Junkung Jammeh, the man Jammeh referred to as his biological father.

It is true that Aminata Bojang was Aziz Sulayman James Junkung  Jammeh’s wife. But she got impregnated by a Fulla man, one Amadou Barry, while Mr. Jammeh was away from the country. He visited his native village Mundai, in the southern province of Casamance, leaving his wife Aminata Bojang at the Bojang home in Bakau. That’s where the Guinean man, who was a watchman at the time met Aminata. The two developed love relationship, leading to the impregnation of Aziz Sulayman James Junkung  Jammeh’s wife.

Aminata Bojang, gave birth to a baby boy, who was named after Cherno Yahya Jallow of Kanilai. Jammeh never pickup his Dad’s last name Barry.

After three months of giving birth to Jammeh, poor Aminata Bojang joined her husband in Mundai, Casamance. Aziz Sulayman James Junkung  Jammeh accepted the baby as his son. 

Six months later Aminata Bojang died. Now, Mr. Jammeh was faced with raising Yahya Jallow Jammeh as a single parent. He later married Aminata Bojang’s elder sister Asombi Bojang. Asombi raised Yahya Jammeh. But she is not Jammeh’s biological mum.

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