Lawyers representing the detained UDP leader Ousainou Darboe and co walked out of court in protest, following the judge’s failure to main decorum in her own court, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The defense team led by veteran lawyer Antouman Gaye complained about being stalked by security agents while in court. In that, their clients, right to enjoy some degree of privacy conversation with their lawyers have been violated by the security. Security agents kept talking over counsels each time they tried to speak to clients. Security agents have been trying to intimidate the defense team. They monitor private conversations between counsels and their clients.

A request was made in court for the trial judge to intervene and prevent the security agents from stalking the defense team. But the judge Dada, flatly refused to entertain the defense’s request.

The defense team then decided to stay away from the judge’s court, until she is able to be maintain decorum. The court spectators also joined the lawyers in their protest.

In the end, the judge ended up presiding over an empty court room. Her court was completely empty. 

It would be recalled that the Freedom Radio Gambia anchor last night talked about the need for the defense team to consider boycotting the court in view of Jammeh’s manipulation of the judiciary.  He argued that there is no point for the lawyers to waste their time in court when the very court hearing the mater is enabling dictator Yahya Jammeh. He also said he gathered from his sources that  Jammeh was plotting to kill the detainees including their defense lawyers.

Meanwhile, the defense said they cannot continue to appear in Justice Dada’s court since she cannot bring decorum in her own court. The defense stressed the need for the rule of law to prevail in court.

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