Gambia: Senegal Freed Imprison Gambian Journalist After He Was Allegedly Accused Of Being A Member Of Al-Qaeda, Sexual Harassment And Trespass!


Greetings to everyone. I have been to hell and back, God saved me. Free at last, Free at last, thank you almighty God, I am free at last. After spending 33 solid days in MAISON D’ARRET DE REBEUSS DAKAR, I am now finally freed by the Senegalese authorities, who  accused me of being a spy, a terrorist, a member of Al-Qaeda, a trespasser and finally accused of sexual harassment.

Ababucarr_SaidykhanI was taken to the Senegalese high court on three different occasions without court proceedings, and finally I insisted before the panel of Judges consisting of four different judges plus the two state prosecutors that I should be judged with or without the Plaintiffs because no one knows up to now, who is the real plaintiffs is in this particular case.

I stood for myself on the 17th of May 2016, which was the day, I received the Judgement but the verdict was never read to me. The president of the judges who presided over my case asked me to get back to prison, that I will be given my verdict in my absence- which supposed to fall on the 25th of May 2016. This day gently came and passed and I got no information as to whether I was convicted or released.

After the duration of one month, I decided to write urgent letters to the prison authorities demanding my fate come what may. I have written more than 11 urgent letters to the protest office inside the prison premises for the legal result of my case. This was accompanied with a strong hunger strike while at the prison yard, when the information bounces at the Senegalese high Court that the Journalist is on hunger strike for days, my case file was then rushed to the urgent office for a proper decision to be taken.

On Friday June 10th at about 10am, I was invited to the office of the Director of social services named Mam Bala, who assured me that I will be quickly release with immediate effect. I was then asked to go home of Friday at 22,00 Hours. My cell Phones, passport, driving license, and other valuable materials are still kept at the prison for further notice. Stay tuned for more information in the Senegalese prison. I did real investigations while I was quietly living there. I met the son of the former president of Senegal Karim Wade as well, we spoke briefly while I was on my way to court on the 17th of May 2016.

Written Aboubacarr Saidykhan

Mr. Saidykhan, was contacted via Facebook to shed light on some of the issues he raised in his statement.  Below is the chat record:

What have you done to warrant your imprisonment?  What actually happen? You talked about different things in your piece but we are yet to know the basic facts.

SaidyKhan: That was exactly my question at the headquarters of their Gendarmerie research at Colobane. But it seems they were rushing me but when I exercised my rights to be heard at the court; this was when they rushed me to the court and later dumped me at the prison

Why were you accused of sexual harassment?

Saidykhan: On the 5th, they brought a Senegalese woman in the office and asked the woman if she knew me. The lady said she recognized my face in 2014, knew that I am a journalist, but we never had any contact in what so ever. I was asked the same question, and my reply was that I must speak to a lawyer before anything, because it seems this whole game might be a conspiracy.

Saidykhan: It was on the 4th of May, while investigating the border debacle between the two countries while at Point E. I saw two different plain clothes approaching me, they got hold of me and then introduced themselves that I have to go with them at the headquarters. I was pushed into a car, then later into another different car. When we reached the headquarters, I was asked to give a statement. I asked them to give a statement on what issue? They replied that has to do with what I am really doing in Senegal. I told them that I am a Journalist. That I have been in Senegal since 2012.

They wanted me to put it in writing and I later insisted to them that they should inform me of the reason of my kidnapping. I did not give them any statement or any interview in whatsoever, and I asked them to take me to court if they want to know who I am really.

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