Gambia: The Soldier Releases Weekend Bombshell; Jammeh’s Tail Is In The Open


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, if you recalled long time ago DCC, has reported multiple times on this medium that monster Jammeh is trying to cause a tribal war in the Gambia. Well, the dictator has confirmed it himself at the Talinding APRC meeting where he declared that he will Kill Mandikas and will deport Mandikas to Mali.

As we speak and according to one of the top and reliable DCC agents dictator Jammeh, has instructed the minister of interior “Terminator” Ousman Sonko that the detainees should be finished. Monster Jammeh told terminator Sonko that by killing all the detainees that is the only way to deter further demonstrations. Dictator Jammeh told terminator Sonko that if the detainees are not killed this problem will continue to escalate. Dictator Jammeh last minute plans is to mix and divide Gambians. Gambians should not allow this monster to divide us. He will continue to divide Gambians by triggering tribal lines. If you observe he is personally firing and hiring chiefs/Alkalos and all this is done in the name of splitting the country amongst tribal lines. As reported before, and Gambians please note this down, monster Jammeh will “soon” introduce Sharia law, this is according to a reliable DCC agent.

To appease the OIC, so that he and devil Zeinab can continue to rob Gambians, they are trying to impress OIC and host the event in the near future. Monster Jammeh will fully implement Islamic law and has mentioned that if the Christians do not support him that he will expel them from the country. He already promised OIC that he will transform Gambia into an Islamic Kingdom, this is monster Jammeh’s at his best. He is capable of robbing the OIC and meeting none of their demands, he is a gangster. Dictator Jammeh is again completely confused and paranoid and will do whatever it takes to hang to power, BUT IT IS OVER, HE IS FINISHED.

For those of us, who are very close to the corridor of power, we can see and feel the end of the end. Lately, dictator Jammeh is not going to the office, skipping meetings and telling people that he is busy whilst he is not. He is calling businessmen and yelling at them that they are not providing him with Ramadan provisions.

In the past by this time, there are thousands of trucks filled with sugar, oil and rice being distributed. This time so far there is no Ramadan so called gift from thief monster Jammeh. Dictator Jammeh, what is happening, why you can’t distribute the same amount like before, can you explain this to the Gambians. There is no Ramadan provision for loan, in the past officers can take provision loans now there is none.

There is total economy collapsed. DCC can confirm that all the municipal security guards or money collectors in the Gambia have been dismissed and guess what Gambians, they have been replaced by the task force comprising of monster Jammeh’s “FINANCIAL FOOT SOLDIERS”. Gambians, now you don’t need to guess where the money will go. These poor people complain about not receiving their salaries and they got dismissed and accused of corruption without any court proceedings. Now the financial foot soldiers will collect all the revenue and deliver it to Saul Badjie who will pass to monster Jammeh. This is how bad and serious it is for monster Jammeh. Monster Jammeh is here blaming the west for his economic failures and insulting them every day. His so called spiritual advisers have cast all types of spells on the west but to no success. He is threatening to withdraw Gambia from the UN, this monster is insane and will do it, just watch and see. According to DCC agents, monster Jammeh is threatening to expel all western people from the Gambia, all the few remaining embassies will be closed soon. There is too much pressure on him and nothing is working at all. Monster Jammeh has resorted to sending greedy and opportunist people like Momodou Sabally to China and other countries to look for funds and to no success. Momodou Sabally do you want to deny that you travelled to China, did you not meet our DCC agent, why did you not write this on the unethical daily observer?  

Fellow Gambians, in another more serious development, monster Jammeh is hatching another plan to kidnap or kill people who he deem as his enemies especially people who absconded to Senegal. His latest plan is to pay some of the people who already absconded to Dakar or he is planning to “fake arrest” his top loyalists, they will be bailed, then they will run to Dakar pretending to be victims. DCC is warning everyone in Dakar to not trust anyone. If you hear that someone was arrested and escaped to Dakar do not “TRUST” anyone even if it is your own uncle. Monster Jammeh is desperate and is using all means necessary.

Unless he changes his mind very soon you will hear major arrest and those people will escape, this is his latest plan. Dictator Jammeh is so furious that he cannot eliminate his enemies living in Senegal and abroad. Saul Badjie and Ousman Sonko do you want to deny this plot, DCC is aware of all your plans? Do you want to deny that you discussed that this specific people must be fluent in Mandika and Wollof and you are having difficulty finding people to fill this positions. Do you want to deny that right now you are scouting for this candidates? Again warning to people in the diaspora, don’t trust anyone who absconded in the past. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. They have a mission to assassinate certain Gambians. This is the latest plan on Jammeh’s plate. Don’t trust anyone who absconded. This is the latest measures, don’t trust anyone who run away to Senegal. They are not victims, they will pretend to be victims. This is a top secret mission led by Ousman Sonko(survey team), Saul Badjie(kidnappers/assasins).

In the past month alone, monster Jammeh has dispatched more than 20 secret agents to Senegal, even one time the DG of NIA Yankuba Badjie crossed into Senegal pretending to be a farmer. DCC cannot confirm this but we believe that it has something to do with Musa Sarr attack, again DCC cannot confirm this.

Fellow Gambians if anyone knows Mama Kandeh, please contact him and let him and his secretary general take this warning very seriously. Dictator Jammeh and his killers are targeting Mama Kandeh and his secretary general by the name of Mr. Jallow. Monster Jammeh instructed that anyone from any political party who is famous should be eliminated and he mentioned that UDP is going to be weak because they lost their key people like Solo Sendeng and the same rule should be applied to the other opposition parties. But DCC can confirm that monster Jammeh himself mentioned the names of Mr. Jallow and Mama Kandeh. Mama Kandeh and Mr. Jallow should watch their movement, don’t move by yourself. This is the price to pay and don’t be afraid.

Fellow Gambians, DCC can confirm to you that Ansumana Jammeh have been fooled and forced to be guilty. Different groups of delegation including the foolish speaker Ablie Bojang, Yankuba Colley and others convinced Ansumana and company that they dare not challenge dictator Jammeh in court. Monster Jammeh do not want these people to talk in court, he knows that he stole the money through Ansumana. DCC is warning Ansumana to run before next week. Monster Jammeh has given instructions to his mercenary judges to convict and jail Ansumana, this is no joke, Ansumana run, run, RUN. Monster Jammeh do not want any proceedings to take place because he knows that a lot will be reveal about his involvement.

On a final note, DCC is investigating and will send a report on the Gambian embassy in DC. Pierre Minteh and Omar Faye are working on a plan to hack Freedom Newspaper and other online newspapers, this is how they make money from monster Jammeh. This request have been received by monster Jammeh, this time they will use IT experts to hack Gambian online newspapers. Monster Jammeh DCC is warning you, you cannot stop the online newspapers, this is how the embassy gets money from you, you are a big fool. Did you not try to do this in the past and it did not materialize. Only the truth will prevail and all of you will fail because you are not with the truth and Gambians will succeed soon.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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