Gambia: Jammeh Cancels His Sintet Meeting, As Soon As Word Reaches Him That Lang Tombong, Has Been Mobilizing Communities For Him


Despite his removal from the army, imprisonment, and subsequent pardoning by dictator Yahya Jammeh, Lang Tombong Tamba, the former Chief of Defense Staff, is still loyal to the status quo, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Lang, as he is fondly called, recently visited his home village Sintet to mobilize the villagers, when he heard that Mr. Jammeh was scheduled to address a meeting in Sintet. Lang toured the community, and appealed to local residents to grace the upcoming Jammeh Sintet meeting.

Little did Lang knew that the dictator wasn’t the least pleased with meeting him—not to mention galvanizing crowds for him (Jammeh). Jammeh’s response upon hearing Lang’s unsolicited crowd gathering for him was: “Let that fool mind his business. I never ask him to mobilize people for me. I don’t want to see that fool,” Jammeh remarked.

Unhappy with Lang’s recent move to mobilize the people of Sintet and its surrounding villages, Jammeh decided to cancel his Sintet meeting. He told his aides that since Lang Tombong, has taken the initiative to mobilize villagers for him, he would not show up in Sintet. The meeting was thus cancelled.

Some Jammeh close aides even contacted Lang privately and advised him stay away from the mad dictator, according to sources. Lang was told by the Jammeh aides that no amount of appeasement would make Jammeh to appreciate him. That he (Lang) is better off by avoiding Jammeh completely.

For some unknown reasons, Yahya Jammeh, doesn’t want to have business with Lang Tombong. He has been avoiding Lang, the former CDS, since his release from jail. Lang and Jammeh’s “mom” Asombi Bojang are close buddies. Asombi speaks highly of Lang, but Jammeh doesn’t seems to give a damn about Lang. He even told his mom to stop mentioning Lang’s name to him during their conversations.

Lang Tombong Tamba is a native of Sintet. He was born and raised in Sintet.

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