Gambia: Gambian Protesters Finally Prevailed, As Jammeh Backed Down From His Threat Of Killing Demonstrators


Despite dictator Yahya Jammeh’s recent threat of killing would be protesters, Gambians are still determined to throng the streets to demand for regime, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Supporters of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) on Monday, thronged the streets of Banjul, protesting against the illegal imprisonment of their leader Ousainou Darboe. The protesters spent hours on the streets chanting anti Jammeh slogans.

BJL 1Dictator Yahya Jammeh is slowly, but sure losing grip of the impoverished West African nation. His usual threats of jailing and killing his opponents is no longer having an effect on the oppressed populace. The population have resorted to defying Jammeh’s bully games.

The protesters were mainly elderly men and women. They sang songs praising the bravery of their party leader Ousainou Darboe, his Executive Members, including the other detainees for standing up against the despotic Jammeh regime. The protesters also demanded for the body of the murdered UDP official Ebrima Sandeng to be produced.

Yahya Jammeh’s buff and bully tactics is definitely not working this time around. His security could not prevent the protesters from congregating. This is the beginning of the fall of Jammeh. Now, it is evident that Jammeh is a toothless barking dog. More and more people are joining the protesters.

It would be recalled that Yahya Jammeh recently vowed that he would kill protesters if they venture into taking over the streets. He also said the protesters were mainly Mandinkas. Jammeh told a Talinding APRC rally that the Mandinkas are non-Gambians and that if they continue to create problems in the country, he would deport them to Mali.  

According to the fuming Kanilai monster, “in 1864, there were no Mandinkas in this country. You came from Mali. I will not allow foreigners to destroy this country.”

BJL 3“The Mandinkas are fond of saying they should bail each other out because The Gambia is a Mandinka nation. This is not a Mandinka country. I have solid evidence that the Mandinkas are not from this country. If you don’t behave well, I will deal with you,” Jammeh said.

Mr. Jammeh accused the Mandinkas of belittling other tribes in The Gambia. Jammeh also said the Mandinkas had a hit list back in 1996, should they emerge as the winners of that elections. He vowed that Mandinkas will never rule The Gambia.  

Jammeh’s message to the street protesters: “I will wipe you out and nothing will come out of it. The first demonstration; they were all Mandinkas. The second demonstration were Mandinkas and two Fullas.  The Fullas have joined the bad guys; welcome to hell. I urge the Mandinkas to repent to Allah for your bad deeds. The Mandinkas, who the hell do you think you are?  You are in the business of demeaning other tribes by calling them “Sourwa-nding ngo, Fulla-nding ngo, Jolla-nding ngo. A good Muslim should not behave like the Mandinkas. You need to repent.”

Mr. Jammeh also said from now on, there wouldn’t be any demonstration in The Gambia. He said folks, who doubt his statement can take to the streets and see what will befall them.

“This time around, no police will arrest and charge you. The army would be deployed to shoot and kill anyone found in the streets demonstrating. Just demonstrate and see what will happen to you. I will not send the police. I will send the army to wipe you out and see who is going to talk about it. Belahi, walahi talaihi. (swearing).  I will kill you like ants and nothing will come out of it,” Jammeh said.

The APRC De Facto leader, also issued a threat to his enemies especially the Mandinkas. He said all his enemies both within and outside the country will not live to witness the December, 1st 2016 elections.

“All my enemies and Gambia’s enemies will die before the elections. No policeman, or soldier will arrest you.  You will all die one by one before the elections,” Jammeh threatens.

Mr. Jammeh also used his speech to appease the Fullas, the Wollofs and other tribes in The Gambia. He told the gathering that the Mandikas are troublemakers, and haters of his regime. Jammeh has vowed to liquidate Mandinkas and nothing will come out of it.

“I will kill you like ants and no western country can do darn thing about it. Who are you to disrespect other tribes? You think you own this country. The Gambia is not a Mandinka country. I swear to God: There will be no Mandinka government in The Gambia.  Never! If that fails, let me go to hell if I die,” Jammeh posited.

“If you don’t know your history, let me tell you that you hailed from Manding, Mali. What led to your departure from Mali? The Bambaras chased you out from Mali, which led to your resettling in The Gambia. That’s why Foday-Kabba Dumbia… The Mandinkas are foreigners in this country,” Jammeh added.

Mr. Jammeh said the Mandinkas have two choices: One, to either live in peace in The Gambia, or else he would mercilessly deal with them. Two, to repent to God, or he would make their lives miserable in The Gambia.

“What worries me about the Mandinkas is that: The Mandinkas hate themselves. You don’t like yourself.  Jawara has been in power for over thirty one years and his worst opponents and enemies were Mandinkas. For thirty one years, the Wollofs, Fullas Jollas, and other tribes, were Jawara’s biggest supporters. If it were not these people, Jawara wouldn’t even have won for second time. Despite Jawara’s tribalism, it was other tribes, who supported Jawara; a Mandingo, a hard-line tribalist,” Jammeh charged.   

“Allah, brought me, and you said you are not going to support me. That’s your business. But if you cross my line, you will never cross somebody’s line again,” Jammeh further charged.

Mr. Jammeh said he is not going to allow donkeys and vermins to destroy the twenty one years development he ushered for the West African nation. He said the Jawara government and the four hundred years British colony, combined have not done what he has done in terms of development for The Gambia. Therefore, he said, he is going to crush protesters to death.

Mr. Jammeh blamed Mandinkas for the country’s back way syndrome. He said the Mandinkas constitutes the highest number of deportees from Europe.

“The Minister of Interior is here. From 1994, to date, if 10,000 Gambians were deported, 9,950 were all Mandingos. Who are you? And when you go, you tell lies. In fact, I have granted approval… All those being deported from Australia are Mandinkas,” Jammeh said.

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