Gambia: Breaking News: Meet The Gambian Army General, Who Had Sex With Female Soldiers, And Civilians In His Office!


General Sillah Kujabi is becoming a national security menace. He is also becoming an endangerment to The Gambia Armed Forces. Sillah needs to be watched! He is giving the army a bad public perception—thanks to his nefarious behavior and conduct as an officer. This is the guy, Yahya Jammeh entrusted with two vital portfolios: The acting Navy Commander and the Inspector General of the army. He reveals a lot of secrets to his girlfriends, when he is drunk. Kujabi talks like the bird in the bush called “CHAKU.”  Chaku Sillah Kujabi brags a lot about his closeness with Yahya Jammeh, and the National Security meetings he is privy to.

Gen. Kujabi is recklessly floating with different women—some of whom are Senegalese. He imports sex workers as far as from Senegal, to meet with them at a Faraffeni, hotel, during his army inspection treks. Sillah is mad!

 Gen. Kujabi, had a camping bed in his office, where he takes women to have sex with them. He had sex with many Gambian women in his office after work. Gen. Kujabi is indeed a sexual predator. He has no respect for the uniform, his colleagues and the country. He even impregnated a female soldier recently. Sillah Kujabi, also uses his connections and influence in the army to get his impregnated female Army Clerk dismissed from the Force. Sillah Kujabi’s absurdity is becoming ridiculous.

The Army Command is being place on notice to take note of Silla Kujabi’s unethical conduct. Mr. Kujabi is currently dating two private soldiers. Among them is Army Private Kodu Samba. Kodu Samba, used to work at the GAF Headquarters in Banjul, but since Sillah cannot go for a day without having sex, he decided to facilitate the transfer of Ms. Samba to the Navy. That’s where Ms. Samba works now. He even sponsored Kodu Samba to attend classes at the GTTI.

Another Private soldier dating Gen. Kujabi is Salla Jobarteh. Ms. Jobarteh works at the Farafenni Army Barracks. She was published to be transferred to the Army Headquarters, but Silla Kujabi, used his influence to rescind that decision. 

At The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), Sillah Kujabi is seeing Fatoumatta Jallow. Sillah confides to this lady about National Security Council Meeting details. Ms. Jallow is privy to a lot of state secrets. Her relationship with Sillah Kujabi, is a public knowledge at the GRA. Almost all the staffers at the GRA are privy to her relationship with the Navy boss.

On 4/10/2015, while coming from Kanilai with Fatoumatta Jallow, Sillah Kujabi ran over a kid with his vehicle—thereby killing the child on the spot. The Army Command gave him D15,000 dalasi to give it to the bereaved family, but out of the D15,000 dalasi, he pocketed D10,000 dalasi out of it. He only handed D5,000 dalasi to the bereaved family.

Sillah Kujabi, is not only a drunkard, but he is also a thief. For some reasons, his peers at the army feared him. He uses his closeness to Yahya Jammeh to intimidate them.

When Fatoumatta Jallow’s late father died he paid a visit to the family as soon as he heard the news. He was accompanied by General Sowe, and the Deputy Chief of Defense Staff. He attended the former Customs officer’s funeral together with officer Trawalley.

As stated above, Sillah Kujabi, brings women into his office after working hours. He normally have sex with them on his camping bed. That bed is hidden somewhere in his office.

Mr. Sillah Kujabi is really living beyond his means. He has rented homes for his secret mistresses in town. He has rented a property for a Korean lady at Yarambamba. He financed the Korean lady’s accommodation, food and clothing. Sillah Kujabi, has also rented a house for a Sierra Leonean lady around Brusubi.

When Sillah Kujabi, got fired from his job, he was supported by his faithful wife. He sat for two years without employment.

There are so many female soldiers in the army, including other sister security forces in the country, who are victims of Sillah Kujabi’s predatory sexual advances. Mr. Kujabi is entitle to his private life, but he should avoid conducts that would bring disrepute to the uniform and the army. His conduct is reprehensible by any means.

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