Gambian Man, Who Was Abducted By The NIA; Got Release From Custody After The Freedom Newspaper Exposed His Story


The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has released Mr. Dan Njie, who was arrested, following a criminal complaint filed against him by his employer Morr Jobe, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Njie was released on Thursday from NIA custody, barely less than twenty four hours we reported his story.  Mr. Njie was asked to go home on Thursday.

DAN NJIEA source who reached us by phone said: “Thanks to the Freedom Newspaper coverage of Dan Njie’s arrest and abduction case, he has been released from custody. I deem it imperative to call and inform you that Mr. Njie has been released with immediate effect. He is back home. He has reunited with his family.”

“I will call you later to update you with more details. Thanks so much for high lightening his case to the world. Dan Njie is finally a free man,” our source added.

It would be recalled that the Freedom Newspaper reported that the circumstances surrounding the illegal arrest and detention of Mr. Dan Njie, a native of Medina Bai Mass, and also a former graduate of Muslim High School, basically had to do with a complaint filed against him by his employer Morr Jobe, to the NIA DG Yankuba Badjie.  

It took businessman Morr Jobe, a western union local dealer, to have one of his longest serving associates Mr. Dan Njie, arrested and detained by merely asking his NIA DG neighbor Yankuba Badjie to help him take Njie into custody. Both Mr. Morr Jobe and Yankuba Badjie live in Brusubi. The duo are neighbors. Dan Njie has been under the custody of the NIA since on Monday.

Mr. Morr Jobe, who hails from Old Perseverance Street Banjul, has accused Mr. Njie of allegedly embezzling an amount of nine hundred and twelve thousand dalasi ( D 912,000) from his western union money transfer business.  There is no evidence to that effect to substantiate the allegations against Mr. Njie. The NIA is acting in concert with Morr Jobe to bully this poor former employee of Morr Jobe.

Mr. Jobe is operating western union outlets in various parts of the country. His company is called MJ Financial Services. Dan Njie, was running his West-field outlet for him.

It should be noted that Mr. Dan Njie started working for Morr Jobe, when he graduated from High School, twenty eight years ago. He could have traveled and pursue higher education or opportunities overseas, but he decided to stay in The Gambia. He is a close member of the Jobe family. In fact, the Jobe family hosted him when he was attending High School in Banjul.

The alleged offense filed by Mr. Morr Jobe, against Dan Njie is beyond the scope of the NIA. It falls under the purview (domain) of the police. The police have full jurisdiction on matters relating to embezzlement, and theft.

The NIA has once again overstepped its bounds. All NIA operations must be sanctioned (approved) by Yahya Jammeh, if the 1997 constitution is to be invoked. But Yankuba Badjie acted on his own to order for the arrest and kidnapping of Mr. Dan Njie, without the prior knowledge or approval of his Command-in-chief Yahya Jammeh.

Yankuba Badjie has reduced the NIA as a Civil matter and police cases settlement ground. Badjie has been bought by some businessmen including the Lebanese Community. That’s the naked truth.

Acting outside court order or legal sanctioning, Morr Jobe took the property title deed belonging to Mr. Dan Njie, from Njie’s wife, while Mr. Njie is away in the hands of the NIA. Morr Jobe, was quoted as saying that he was going to sell Mr. Njie’s property in order to recover his purported stolen D912, 000 dalasi. Yet, they say The Gambia is a nation of rule of law.  This is absurd.

As we file this story, Dan Njie’s compound title deed is in the hands of Morr Jobe. Mr. Jobe has taken Njie’s title deed without legal approval. Since the corrupt NIA DG, is his boy, boy, he thinks that he can act otherwise.

Mr. Morr Jobe was contacted for comment on the first day we received the story of Dan Njie, but he declined, He hung up the phone as soon as this Editor told him that he was calling from the Freedom Newspaper.

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