Gambia: Breaking News: Gambian Dictator Opens Up, As Jammeh Discusses Sexual Encounters He Had With Women Who Bleach Their Skin


Gambia’s mentally challenged dictator Yahya Jammeh, has unveiled the numerous sexual encounters he had with some unnamed Gambian women, some of whom, he said, bleached their skin in order to attract him sexually.  “You cannot fool me. If you bleach your skin, I will know it. Perhaps, you can fool some mad Jollas; not me Yahya Jammeh. I don’t love you because of the color of your skin. I love you because of that thing under your legs (private part). You will never bleach that part of your body. Some would even fake it by shaving their private parts just to make it look like they are light skin ladies. How come that you don’t bleach your private parts?  You will be surprised to learn how I know this. I love you because of that thing under your legs and not your skin color,” Jammeh remarked in the Wolof dialect in the presence of a cheering crowd of women.

As Jammeh’s “mental status” is becoming a concern to his countrymen, the Kanilai born De Facto leader, used the meeting to discuss his past sexual encounters with Gambian women, who bleach their skin.

Hear him: “What is the point of bleaching your skin? Is it not ironical that your entire body looks light, and yet that thing under your legs is black in color? That particular place situated under your legs will never turn light skin. That’s why when you have babies such babies are never light skin. I feel sorry for you Gambian women. You need to repent to God and embrace positive living,” Jammeh added.

The deranged Gambian despot in order to justify his attack and caricature of Gambian ladies, he called out the name of the Banjul Mayor Lai Bah, and businessman Fisco Conateh  to come forward to the podium to corroborate his story that from the beginning of 2015, to date, none of the Banjul women, who bleached their skin had a husband.

“Banjul is a small community. The Mayor can confirm that none of the ladies, who bleached their skin got married since the 2015. Do you know what they say? I love you; and I will tell you. Ndeysan, (Ndeysan means sorry) during our bad boys days… in the 70s and 80s, there was a public perception towards women, who bleached their skin. We used to refer to such women as alter (prostitute). We used to tease each other by saying boy don’t you know that the woman, you are following is an alter (prostitute)? Anyone, who is a “Ndongo Banjul” should know what alter means. Boy, don’t you know that she is an alter? The origin of “hessal” (skin bleaching) is dishonorable,” said Jammeh

Mr. Jammeh, who recently vowed to kill Gambian Mandinkas, also said the Apollo Hotel in Banjul and Mass Club used to be the headquarters of women, who bleach their skin. He branded such ladies as “chemical Indians.” He warned women to desist from bleaching their skin for fashion purposes.

“There is what they called survival cancer. Do you know that skin bleaching contributes to survival cancer?  Skin cancer, and breast cancer are caused by family planning. I am advising my fellow men folks not to marry women who bleached their skin. Such women will never have babies. You are clapping… I am challenging the crowd to come forward to tell me, if anyone of you here, has attended the naming ceremony of a woman, who bleached her skin from January to date. The white folks don’t want you to have babies. The cream that you use to bleach your skin, is contaminated so that you will not have babies; because they know that many countries are objecting to family planning. The so called cream that you use is contaminated,” Jammeh said.

Many Gambian women felt insulted after listening to Jammeh’s latest diatribe. They felt being disrespected by a man, who prides himself of empowering Gambian women.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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