Gambia: Yahya Jammeh Orders Homeowners Behind The AU Villas To Vacate Or Risked Demolition


Yahya Jammeh’s obsession with land has no limits. Overtime, Jammeh has rendered many Gambian families displaced—thanks to his endless land grabbing. News have reached us that Jammeh has ordered the residents living near the AU Villas to vacate their properties with immediate effect. That’s housing unit behind the Muhammed Jah junction sources said.

“I have received a report from a very reliable source that Yahya Jammeh has ordered residents to vacate their home for demolition.  The area is located  behind the AU village around Muhammed Jah Junction area,” said our source.

Jammeh’s erratic decision to seize the homes of these poor families will no doubt render them homeless. The residents were served with eviction notices by Jammeh’s surrogates. This is indeed sad.

It would be recalled that the AU Villas was financed by the Taiwanese government including other donor agencies—in preparation for the AU Summit was scheduled to take place in The Gambia. Jammeh decided to annex the constructed properties to his business empire as soon as the Summit ends.


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