Gambia: The Soldier Drops Another Bombshell-Jammeh Sends To The Cleaners!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, according to a DCC agent at the MILE-2, the majority of the UDP supporters have been secretly moved from MILE-2 prisons to Janjangbureh prisons. DCC knows why these people have been moved from the Kombo area, on future publication we will report on this.

Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh is still passing orders to Ousman Sonko for some of the UDP detainees to be tortured. DCC can highly confirm to you that it was monster Jammeh, who personally ordered Ousman Sonko, DG of NIA Yankuba Badjie and NIA director of operations Sahou Jeng to torture the late Solo Sandeng and to bury the dead body at Tanji. Shortly after his arrest he was mercilessly tortured with hammers and Sulayman Sambou and the jungullars and also NIA used different teams at different times to torture Solo Sandeng.

DCC is privy to a lot of sensitive information and all will be released accordingly. The late Solo died the following day and a doctor had to be called to confirm his death and as we speak this doctor is on the run because he knows a lot. There is a special team looking for this doctor, who is safely out of the country and in safe hands.

After monster Jammeh is gone the Gambia is going to be very interesting. Monster Jammeh himself directly participated in the torture of Solo Sendeng, he was constantly calling and talking to Ousman Sonko telling him eradicate them before the disease spreads, monster Jammeh do you want to deny this. DCC can also confirm to you that all the women who were arrested are HEROES, they endured severe torture.

After the arrest of these brave women, terminator Ousman Sonko conveyed the following message. He told DG of NIA that the boys should enjoy the “ONIONS” which means let the jungullars rape all the girls, terminator do you want to deny this. Even the women who work at NIA were crying when they saw the body of Solo Sandeng. Dictator Jammeh instructed that Solo’s tongue to be cut. Once again DCC is privy to a lot of sensitive information and monster Jammeh, Ousman Sonko and Yankuba Badjie will be held responsible for what happened to all of our brothers and sisters.

Fellow Gambians, in another development, monster Jammeh has fired one of his top orderlies and also tricked some of the girls who were in America to return home. If you recalled Gambians, DCC warned the girls in America not to come back but they did not heed to DCC advice. DCC can confirm that some of the girls came back last week and they have been stripped of their travel document which has been seized. These two girls are Bintou Jammeh AKA big girl and Fatou Jammeh. After completion of their studies they were recalled back to Gambia and they have been sent to Kanilai. Both these girls used to sleep with monster Jammeh and were also agents of dictator Jammeh.

Upon their return to the Gambia, chief pimp Jimbeh Jammeh reported them to dictator Jammeh. She told monster Jammeh that these girls are back home to visit their boyfriends and Gambians you all know that no man can touch even his ex-girlfriends. This is why the top orderly was fired, he is accused of dating one of the girls. Chief pimp Jimbeh Jammeh is a dangerous element, Gambians should be very careful and wary of her evil intentions especially those at state house and Kanilai. She records people for dictator Jammeh. More of monster Jammeh’s shadow mistresses will be recalled and arrested soon. They know too much and monster Jammeh is not comfortable with these girls being free.

Fellow Gambians, wonders shall never end with monster Jammeh. Devil Zeinab and the turtle Vice president Isatou Njie Saidy, accompanied with so called APRC supporters will leave Banjul on the 26th of June to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform UMRA. The objective of the trip is for the delegation to pray for dictator Jammeh so that he can stay in power forever. This is a task they must take seriously. Dictator Jammeh is paranoid and panic, he is now resorting to holy prayers, the spiritual advisers spell casting is not working.

Monster Jammeh is constantly calling the judges and interfering with the legal system. He made sure that the Ansumana Jammeh case did not proceed because a lot of beans will be spilled and he will be fully exposed. DCC is privy to a lot of information in this case and what happened with Qatar and Maligam. Ansu’s case has caused a lot of tension within monster Jammeh’s family. A lot of donations in the form of cash, farming equipment and ambulances have been stolen by monster Jammeh for his personal needs. This is why he never allowed the trial to proceed, he did not want the revelation to come out.

There is a lot of mistrust within the security forces. Monster Jammeh has a body of a man, but a head of a child. And he has confided to his close and loyal supporters that if he wins the elections he will fully implement Islamic and Sharia law. He will do this during the inauguration in January of 2017 that is his plan. Monster Jammeh it is finished, Gambians are rising up, can’t you feel the tide has turned, no one is afraid anymore. You are up to no good and the biggest blow is coming, watch and see. Why are you not distributing sugar, rice or oil for the Ramadan? Ramadan is halfway now, you used to do this a week before Ramadan.

Fellow Gambians, last week monster Jammeh called all the governors to state house to receive dates (TANDARMA) so that they can distribute to their respective regions. What is happening with monster Jammeh, it is very clear. Dictator Jammeh tell Gambians which president in this world will call his Governors to come receive TANDARMA, what a waste of state resources and governor’s time. This is very shameful.

DCC can also report that Momodou Badjie the MD of GNPC has been arrested and is under detention at NIA. Very soon the MD of GAMTEL and GPA will also be arrested, just watch and see. The dictator criminal cartel is crumbling fast. Monster Jammeh the cap does not fit you anymore, give it to someone it fits. You are like an old dry crumble tree leaf. You thought Gambian people are your garbage. Monster Jammeh is trying to strike fear and provoke disorder in the country, but he knows that people are no longer afraid. Dictator Jammeh will resort to creating chaos and fighting so that he can prolong his stay in power. But it is too late!

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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