Gambia: Revelations: Letter Writer Takes Issue With GNPC/EDI JOBE


Hope all is well with you. I hope you are following the announcement from State House that they have discovered the most serious economic crime in the history of the Second Republic. A lot of people have been arrested at GNP and the Ministry of Petroleum, but the Godfather is yet to be arrested and that is Edi Jobe. He is the….. Edi Jobe is the biggest economic… there is. He is behind all these ….

Edi Jobe was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of GNPC until he resigned last year, when he bought Total and Elton. Now Total and Elton have been merged as under one name, ATLAS Energy Gambia Limited. But Edi Jobe is being ….. and the President is not stupid, he will …. him soon because he is …… Since the arrest of these guys, Edi Jobe has been very nervous and is even planning to travel out of the country this week.

While at GNPC, he was at the same time the adviser to then Minister of Finance, Kebba Touray on Petroleum matters. He is in the thick of things and he was …….. all these guys while he was making 100s of millions of Dalsis. This investigation cannot be concluded without Edi Jobe being……..


Edi Jobe and his group, GNPC & ATLAS, are ….. the Duty Free, they are lifting fuel duty free from the depot and selling it at real pump price at their various petrol stations there by denying the Government millions of Dalasis in tax revenue. I hope the investigators will look into the duty free fuel as well. GRA are in the picture but there are getting paid so they do not care.


Edi Jobe’s companies are not paying ……. Elton, Atlas, EM Holding are not paying ……..even though they are doing business every day. There are certain people at GRA who are ……. with him and his team. Millions of Dalasis of tax revenues are not being collected by GRA from Elton, Atlas and EM Holding.

Fuel station at the airport has no insurance and these fuel trucks are supplying airlines with fuel. They should all be fully insured and the GCAA knows about it and they are not doing anything because he has bribed them all.


The Central Bank of The Gambia has a limited as to how much loan should be given to one individual or company, but Edi Jobe owes more than D400 million to Trust Bank, F.I. Bank, Access Bank, Ecobank and AGIB (now owned by Muhammed Jah) combined. He took these loans in the name of Elton, EM Holding, Atlas and his own name there by ……the Central Bank. The Central Bank are aware but they are afraid to do anything because they feel he is backed by The President and Samba.


Guess what, Pa Ebou Sallah is the new MD of Trust Bank and he is a shareholder of ATLAS, along with Muhammed Jah and Saloum Jobarteh. They are manipulating the whole system to their advantage.

But after all this, come see Edi Jobe walking the streets of Banjul free while innocent Gambian are suffering at the NIA.

I don’t have enough time to write and he has just walked in and we are heading for a meeting. But I will send you details about his ….. with the staff at Atlas.

Written By Aruna Badgie

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are solely that of the author and do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  Thanks for your attention.

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