Pa, this thing is turning out to be what most Gambians expected. Your source who said  “I have reliable information about the GNPC fuel scandal which I want you to follow up. This is battle of two Oil Barons in the country. Edi Jobe is the one who let the cat out of the bag. He resigned as board Chairman when he fell out with Momodou Badjie, the MD, on the procurement of fuel.” This source is actually part of the Edi Jobe team. He is trying to distract the facts and exonerate Edi Jobe who is the Godfather of this mafia group. Other members of the Mafia Group are Bakary Jammeh, Muhammed Jah, Saloum Jobarteh, former Minister Sheriff Gomez, Former Minister Alhagie Cham, Habib Drammeh, Prof. Kah, Bai Mass Jobe (Edi’s brother), Pa Ebou Sallah (MD of Trust Bank) Almami Taal, former Minister Musa Sillah now with the Islamic Development Bank in Dakar etc.

Edi1Actually Edi Jobe left the GNPC reluctantly because he has bought Total with his group and changed the name to Atlas. There was a conflict of interest. Prior to that, he was still a shareholder of Elton and yet the Board Chairman of GNPC (a conflict of interest that he hide by making Bakary Jammeh his representative in the Elton Board).

Your source said Edi let the cat out of the bag, no, he got it all wrong, actually Edi put the cat in the bag, hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. They are all working to free Edi and implicate the rest. He is the most experienced among the bunch that has been charged and the mastermind.  

Do you know ATLAS is doing business but not registered as a business in the Gambia and not paying taxes? But you know what GRA is looking the other way. Besides, no one knows who owns Atlas. The ownership is a mystery even to GRA. There is a bigger scandal coming, the fuel duty free deals and this one is led by Bakary Jammeh who is the elder brother of Youths and Sports Minister, Alieu Jammeh and currently working for Edi Jobe.

Bakary Jammeh cannot escape this case, he is linked and many other people are who are yet to be charged. But Edi Jobe is the kingpin and the initiator of this scandal.

Why do people ask, how come all of a sudden Edi can buy both Total and Elton?

The Central Bank also will have to start looking into the business dealings of Edi Jobe. Edi Jobe is the Chairman of F.I.Bank and he used his influence to get more than D100 million loan from F.I. Bank with little security. Muhammed Jah is the Chairman and current owner of AGIB Bank, while Pa Ebou Sallah, the current MD of Trust Bank are both under God Father Edi Jobe. It was Pa Ebou Sallah who fought tooth and nail to ensure that Edi Jobe was given more than D75 million loan without adequate security. Edi Jobe owes ECOBANK more than D100 million without any security, Access Bank is another case. One man owing more than D400 million and the Central Bank not doing anything about it.

This current case will unveil a lot more than the Government anticipated. Mr. Badgie and co were tricked into these deals by Edi Jobe.

Tell your source to keep quite and start running, he will be arrested sooner or later. Most of us at Atlas know what is going on but no one will believe us when we go to the authorities.

More to come.

Written By Aruna Badgie

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are solely that of the author and do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  Thanks for your attention.

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