Gambia: Editorial: Financial Panic Hits Gambia; Jammeh Is On The Offensive!


There is financial panic in Banjul. Everyone is worried by the nation’s uncertain economic and political future. Almost all government accounts are in the red. Developmental projects are also at standstill.  This is largely due to lack of budget. The Jammeh regime is struggling with acute cash shortages. It is only God knows when the country will emerge from such an economic crunch. It’s not anytime soon.

Mbai freedom editedThe main man in charge of the Petroleum Ministry Yahya Jammeh, has sacrificed his former enablers by accusing them of fraud and economic crime. Jammeh is blaming his co partner in economic crime Sira Walley Ndow Njie, and others for causing massive economic loss to the state.

The trial of the former officials is another waste of state resources. It is public knowledge that the folks named in the state’s criminal complaint used to be Jammeh’s financial and political enablers. The dictator is now rewarding them with a blackmail in the form of an indictment.

Like in the case of Ansumana Jammeh, Sanna Bah, and Hassan Badjie, Jammeh is eying for the properties acquired by the accused persons during the course of their employment with his regime. He might as well go after their bank accounts and movable assets. Jammeh is badly in need of cash, and he wouldn’t hesitate to file trump up charges against folks he suspects to have money in the bank.

The end is near for the twenty two years Jammeh autocratic regime. Jammeh doesn’t want to go down alone. He wants to go down with many people—especially folks, who are privy to his financial and political crimes. Jammeh enablers—be it present and former enablers should brace up for more surprises.

As the situation remains worrisome and unpredictable, Jammeh is capable of robbing the Central Bank of The Gambia and turnaround and blame it to criminals. Folks, should consider withdrawing their savings before the Central Bank would be declared insolvent. The writings are already on the wall for an economic collapse.

The likes of Edi Jobe, Sira Walley, Nuha Touray, Momodou Badjie, Cherno Marenah, Ansumana Jammeh, and co never believe in their lifetime that Jammeh would one day go after them. These were the very folks, who used to be at Jammeh’s disposal in times of financial or political need. Today, they are victims of the very system that they enabled with passion.

Yahya Jammeh is a criminal calling himself a President. He has illegally seized people’s homes, bank accounts, businesses, and farms. There are folks aiding him in committing such felonious crimes.

News have reached us that Jammeh has annexed one of the properties of the late Momodou Poul into his Kanilai Bakary Enterprise. This particular property is situated near Gamstar Insurance Company, on Hagan Street.

Jammeh secured the property through the corrupt Sheriff Office at the Judiciary. He bought the property at a giveaway price. The property was never evaluated.

Former High Court Sheriff Buba Jawo handed the property to Jammeh—with help of the FIB Bank. There was no formal property transfer. The FIB Bank under the leadership of Momodou Musa, had secured a default judgement against one of the sons of Momodou Poul, from the former High Court judge felon Lamin Jobarteh. It is our understanding that the son of Momodou Poul acted as a guarantor to one Muhammed Njie, a Consultant, now based in South Africa. Mr. Njie was married to Jojo Mboge, the daughter of Alieu Mboge. That marriage is no more. He secured D3 Million loan from the FIB bank under the pretext of engaging in rice, and cooking oil importation business.  Interest was added to the loan, which totaled to D3.8 million dalasi, according to FIB insiders. Two people acted as sureties for him at the bank: Momodou Poul’s son and one Marie Ellen Jarra.

Mr. Njie has so far paid D400, 0000 dalasi, leaving an unpaid balance of D3.4 million dalasi, FIB insiders said. Since he has allegedly defaulted in paying the loan, the Bank instituted legal action against the folks who guaranteed him to secure the loan.

Investigations have revealed that the original loan Muhammed Njie secured from the bank was guaranteed by Alieu Mboge. He uses the title deed of Alieu Mboge’s property. Bank insiders said once the new loan kicks in, he replaced Mboge’s title deed with the title deed belonging to Momodou Poul’s son.

Momodou Poul’s property situated at 78 B Hagan street worth nothing less than D9 million dalasi. The Sheriff Office sold the property to Jammeh for D3 million dalasi. The owner was never involved in the sale process, according to judicial sources. The property was auctioned for a cheap price.

The late Momodou Poul also owns the property at 78 A Hagan street. Another son of Momodou Poul sold the property to Yahya Jammeh for less than D3 million dalasi. He used the proceeds derived from the said property to travel to the US to study. He has since graduated. He is now back in the Gambia. Yahya Jammeh owns both properties now.

FIB’s Recovery officer Landing Joof, was involved in the sale of the property situated at 78 B Hagan street, bank insiders said. Landing was called to report to the Trust Bank Limited to receive the D 3 million dalasi Jammeh had paid for the auctioned property.  The said property was rented out to the GIA, one clearing agency company, including other businesses.

It should be noted that Edi Jobe, who is today accused of economic crime used to be the Board Chairman of the FIB Bank. Momodu Musa, a former manager at Trust Bank, is the MD of the FIB Bank.  Ousainou Taala, the former Lands official’s name also came up during our investigations. This is the dude, who works with Jammeh in his land grabbing scheme. Pa Bojang is also privy to the case of Momodou Poul’s property, which was sold to the Kanilai farm.

There are many folks in the country, who have lost their properties to Yahya Jammeh. The State House has overtime become a land grabbing center. We rest our case.

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