Gambia: Breaking News: Fired TDA Guards, NIA And Paramilitary Officers Reinstated Ahead Of Darboe And Co’s Judgment!


Ahead of the much awaited judgment in the case of Gambia’s opposition leader Ousainou Darboe and co, the Kanilai born dictator Yahya Jammeh, has reinstated fired Tourism Development (TDA) guards, NIA and paramilitary officers, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The paranoid Gambian despot has since reassigned the said reinstated officers into the field. Most of the recalled officers have been stationed around Radio Syd, the vicinity of the Mile Two prison, Denton Bridge, and Banjul. They blend in with the armed soldiers during Darboe and co’s trial. Occasionally, the officers run checkpoint at Denton Bridge.

According to a highly placed State House source, Jammeh’s move to recall these officers, is basically aimed at keeping them busy in times of growing insecurity in the country. Jammeh, our source went on, doesn’t trust the loyalty of the former officers.

“Despite the budgetary problems facing his regime, Jammeh wants to appease the fired officers by reinstating them into the Service. The majority of the reinstated officers have reassigned to the plain cloth division of the force. They blend in with the UDP protesters. They are also running checkpoint at Denton Bridge. I deem it imperative to inform Gambians to be aware of the recent development,” said our source.

“No amount of reinstatement is going to save Jammeh. His time is up! There are so many disgruntled officers. Jammeh’s continues stay in power is not in the interest of the country and her people. The security forces are aware of the dire stakes at hand. Change is going to come as a surprise to Gambians and the world,” said our source.

Despite Jammeh’s divisive move to show discord and mistrust among the security forces, sources said the overwhelming members of the security forces have come to the conclusion that this current regime is not the promised regime. Until then, let see what awaits Jammeh now towards the July 22nd anniversary.

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