Gambia: Breaking News: Judgement To Be Delivered In The Case Of The UDP And Co Supporters On July 21st, 2016!


The trial of the UDP supporters and co has come to an end—with the presiding judge adjourning the case for judgement, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. After hearing the testimonies of the various prosecution witnesses, the presiding judge, has adjourned the case to July 21st for judgment. Judgement would be delivered a day before the July 22nd anniversary.

Justice Abi of the Mansakonko High Court, in the Lower River Region, is hearing the matter. The accused persons have been identified as: Lamin Sonko, Modou Touray, Lansana Beyai, Lamin Marong, Alhajie Fatty, Nogoi Njie, Fatoumatta Jawara, Fatou Camara, Kafu Bayo, Ebrima Jabang and Modou Ngum. They were charged with seven counts of unlawful assembly, riot, incitement of violence, riotously interfering with vehicles, holding a procession without a permit, disobeying an order to disperse from an unlawful procession and conspiracy. The case was adjourned until 21 July 2016, for judgment, by the trial judge after the prosecution closed its case and the accused persons opted for silence.

If convicted, the accused persons are likely to serve a minimum of six months in prison. All indications suggest that the mercenary judge is likely to send them to jail.

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