Gambia: Breaking News: Injured Gambian Interior Minister’s Son Health Condition Worsen!


As soon as reports emerged that the son of Gambia’s Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, was involved in an accident and was hospitalized, our agents on the ground visited the hospital to check the conditions of the injured boy. Little Alieu Sonko, was found lying on his hospital bed—with his leg bandaged. Wounds could also been seen around his head.

SONKO 2Alieu Sonko’s health condition is dire at this hour. The boy has complained about body and head pain. He has been sleeping for past couple of hours. The Minister’s son was hit by a cupboard in their sitting room. His mom Amie Ndong, a senior official of the NIA, was on the verge of moving out from the house, to relocate to another neighborhood, when the incident occurred. Ms. Ndong was recently divorced by Interior Minister Ousman Sonko.

Amie Ndong’s marital relationship with Ousman Sonko reached the bottom rock after her return from a peacekeeping mission in Darfur. She and Sonko had strained relationship since her return to the country.

According to sources, Ousman Sonko, has been accused of impregnating a Jolla Lady, from Casamance, who is staying with him at his home. The lady, said our source, cooks for Sonko, wash his clothes, take care of his house and kids, while Amie Ndong, was away in Darfur, on a United Nations Peacekeeping mission.


After divorcing his wife in the month of Ramadan, Gambia’s Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, has tormented the lady to a point that she nearly ended the life of her son, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The Interior Minister has ended his years long marriage with Amie Ndong, a senior official of Gambia’s National Intelligence Agency, the (NIA). 

SONKO 1As Ms. Ndong was on the verge of packing her belongings to vacate the house, the cupboard in her room fell on her son, thereby causing a serious brain injury on the baby boy. The boy’s head was bleeding excessively. The boy has been hospitalized. Plans are afoot to fly the boy for overseas treatment, sources said. The incident happened on Monday.

Minister Sonko has been accused of infidelity. He has fathered over thirty kids outside wedlock. He was recently busted in Senegal, socializing with a prostitute, during a mission he made to the French speaking nation. The Senegalese prostitute in fact accused the Minister of having sex her, without fulfilling a promise he made to buy her a flat screen TV set.

Sources familiar with Amie Ndong’s marital debacle with Ousman Sonko, said the Minister has informed Ms. Ndong, few days ago that he (Sonko) has decided to end his marriage with her after informing her parents. Ms. Ndong has been working on relocating from the former couple’s home. It was during process of moving out from the house, the accident occurred.

“It was during the process of packing her belongings that the cupboard fell on her son. It was a tragic accident. The child is between life and death situation. He is likely to be flown to overseas for treatment. Ousman Sonko, is partly responsible for the accident. He ejected his wife from the property,” said our source.

The police are yet to interview the former couple. Meantime, Sonko’s son is said to be responding to treatment. Doctors in Banjul are working tirelessly to help save the boy’s life.

Both Ousman Sonko and Amie Ndong could not be reached for immediate comment.

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