Gambia: Breaking News: The GNPC Fuel Saga Continues/Sirah Wally Ndow And The Brufut Heights Plots!


Dear Bro, I promised to give you further details on the GNPC fuel saga. I have some new information but let me first give you a very disturbing news about the detained former Minster of petroleum, Sirah Wally Ndow-Njie and the way she went about seizing lands located at the Brufut Heights not far from the Atlantic Ocean.

Sira-Wally-Pic-300x300A day after she was remanded at mile 2 central prison, the government issued a press release urging all those who were allocated plot of land at the Brufut Heights Layout under the GTA to come forward with authentic documentation to prove ownership. This raises serious concerns among many but not to some of us who are privy to what Sira Wally did by deliberately seizing two plots of land that were originally allocated to a Gambian lady currently residing in the UK. The two plot nos: 114 and 115 were classified as premium plots because of the plots were ideally located right in front of the seas.

Less than a month after she was re-appointed minster of petroleum she visited the site and identified those plots for her and the husband. She immediately started putting up structures on one of the plot (Plot 114) which was allocated to this lady on 24th October 2003 after making all the necessary payments under GTA receipt no.0002573 dated 23rd October 2003. On 25th March 2008, the lady made another payment of D 10,000 for Land Premium to the Department of Lands and Survey which was documented by a letter she received from one Mr. Hamidou Jallow on behalf of the Director of Lands and Survey via letter referenced: SL/BHL/114/2008 for the plots.

The lady made several appeals and sent out numerous emails to the GTA when she discovered that someone was erecting a storey building on her plot. Despite her numerous complaints no one was brave enough to fight for her case, because they were all afraid of Sirah Wally Ndow. However, after persistent follow up the officials at the GTA promised to compensate her with other plots. They have yet to make good on their promises. So the concerned lady decided to take legal action. That is why I cannot give you her name right now but be assured that she will definitely provide all details in respond to the government press release before the deadline of 7th July 2016.

As a follow up on the GNPC fuel saga, the middle man (broker) who was processing all the fuel orders on behalf of GNPC actually spilled the beans when SIrah Wally and Momodou Badgie decided to use another broker after having been given significant amount of money during their visit to the broker in Dubai together. Huge amount of US Dollars were given to the duo. 

Before Modou Badgie fell out with Edi Jobe, they were jointly procuring fuel together and other board members would just append their signatures on the purchase documents enough to earn them thousands of dollars. This begs the questions, when did Yaya Jammeh know about this deal if this have been going on for quite some time and what was the reason for Edi Jobe’s abrupt resignation without seeing his mandate to the end?

You see Pa, Edi Jobe’s hands are not clean in this deal described as “the most serious crime since Yaya Jammeh came to power.” I know Yaya Jammeh will be surprised to know that Edi Jobe has family connections with Lawyer Ousainou Darbo. Lawyer Darbo’s children and the children of Edi Jobe share the same uncle. This is Gambia it is difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat.

Somebody gave a detailed breakdown of the syndicated loan Edi Jobe used to buy Total and Elton that was a huge venture and why today all the sales made from all the ATLAS stations are collected by bank officials and deposited directly into these heavily indebted accounts. Incidentally, there was a massive fraud at the ATLAS station in Tabokoto on Friday, over D 300,000 was involved. As they say. ‘When the cat is away the mice will play.” Now staff are trying to grab whatever they can get before the Big man come back.

ATLAS is a company born into debts and currently having seriously cash flow problems. Some of the creditors are offered payments in liters of fuel because of the complex nature of how these loans were arranged for Edi Jobe. So there is a strong motive to engage in murky business to supplement his cash-strapped businesses. The poultry farms is yet to make an impact despite getting one of the biggest pull made by government by raising the taxes on all poultry products by 34% to give Edi Jobe’s poultry business a big push.

While we wait and see what role Edi Jobe played in this massive fraud as the details start to emerge during the court hearing, Gambian taxpayers continue to be defrauded by greedy businessman who are only after maximizing profits at all costs. 

Whatever the outcome of the case, putting people in position of power based on tribe rather than on merit will continue to do enormous damage to our economy. Why procurement of such magnitude failed to pass through government-owned major tender board or better still to cabinet beats my imagination.

Written By An Insider

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